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Monday, November 19, 2018

Plan your Long weekends

There’s a new holiday that everyone looks forward to other than Christmas and New Year and it’s called the Long Weekend. As with any other holiday, busy people usually spend their newfound free time doing leisurely activities like strolling around the mall, catching a movie, going on trips, or having a good old-fashioned staycation.

However, the long weekend poses an opportunity for everyone to try and explore something new. A change in the usual routine is always good and if it’s for trying something that benefits you, even better.

If you’ve always wanted to get started on your health regimen or improve it, the long weekend’s a great time to try. It gives you the liberty of assessing yourself and injecting new activities in the gym that will be even easier to track when you get help from a wellness program.

Making your long weekends so much better
Choose a science-backed, rewards-based wellness program that helps you understand your body better by knowing your health through a series of assessments to determine your Vitality Age, or how close your body's age is to your actual age. Then improve your health by reaching each of its recommended goals as you make wiser, healthier choices on your activities and lifestyle.

As you successfully reach your goals, you get points that help you elevate your Philam Vitality Status to get more out of your healthy choices. The more points you have, the more you’ll be rewarded with discounts on products and services you can enjoy whenever you want. For example, you can receive discounts to your gym membership at Gold's Gym as well as training equipment and clothing from Toby's and Garmin so you can continue staying active building your body.

Getting active during the long weekend doesn’t mean you’ll be abandoning your favorite leisure activities either.

Got an itch for travel and entertainment? Part of the sweet deals you can be rewarded with are for your airfare via Philippine Airlines or your tickets to SM Cinemas so you can catch the latest block buster hit! Who knows? You and your friends might even get a thrill of a lifetime on extreme theme-park attractions and physical activities with your discounted passes to Enchanted Kingdom!

If you also yearn for a little more "Rest and Relaxation", you'll definitely enjoy saving on hotel room bookings in hotels like Marriott or Seda.

The Philam Vitality wellness program gives you all these cool perks, and now that its integrated into BPI-Philam’s Wellness Series, it also allows you to get an upfront additional 20% coverage from your insurance, which may increase up to 50% when you consistently keep your Platinum Philam Vitality Status year after year.

If that sounds like a great deal you want in on, all you have to do is visit your preferred BPI or BPI Family Savings bank, meet a Bancassurance Sales Executive, and start your new journey to a rewarding healthy lifestyle today.

BPI-Philam’s always ready to answer your questions, so drop them a line on their Facebook page or know more about their products at

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