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Saturday, December 22, 2018

My first IV Cinderella + Aqualite and body massage at HAIRX REMOVAL

HairXRemoval S Maison Conrad Staff

I remember having my first Gluta drips 7 years ago. It was during those times that I had difficulty sleeping because I worked the night shift at BPO.  My doctor suggested to take gluta IV (intravenous) with vitamin C to stay healthy and alert. So I did, I loved the whitening side effects. Plus it helped my skin smooth, pimple-free and I loved that I can sleep 8 hours straight during those medication.

I stopped the gluta IV drips during the summer of 2014. I preferred oral (tablets) because its cheaper and is available at any drugstore.

Fast forward to today, I still had my drips when I wanted to and when Im free with work. That's why when I heard that HAIRX REMOVAL is offering IV Glutathione, IV Placenta and IV Cinderella, among others. I had my first IV Cinderella with them. Its the best whitening and vitamin injection product in Korea. It boosts your energy especially when you're  busy juggling with work and family.  I had mine done at HAIRX S Maison, Conrad. Its very affordable. Im going back this week and would schedule a Power Brows Microblading. Good luck to me!

HAIRX REMOVAL was launched in August 2015.  It is a local concept that was inspired by Musee, Japan’s No.1 Hair Removal salon.
With branches at Conrad S Maison, Marina Way, MOA and Eight Forbes Town Road, BGC, they are managed by highly-trained aestheticians using the latest equipment, techniques and procedures in a clean and relaxed environment.

My first IV Cinderella with HAIRX REMOVAL was painless and left no bruises. (look for nurse assigned at 2pm shift every Friday,Saturday and Sunday) plus it delivered its promise of boosting energy and whitening as its side effect.

I also had my AquaLite facial which was refreshing because it makes use of water machine from Korea, It helps to exfoliate, cleanse and infuses Vitamin C using water shots. It sucks all the dirt, blackheads and whiteheads. After the procedure my face feels soft and clean.  It has that natural glow from within. I loved it. Lakas maka fresh.

After my IV Gluta session, I decided to have a body massage (since they are now offering body massage in Conrad branch). The masseuse knew my pressure points, and that I slept so well during the one hour body massage. It helped me relax and re-energize the next day.

There is a one-stop-shop for hair removal concerns and other beauty treatments that are affordable and reliable - HAIRX REMOVAL.

HairX Hair Removal ensures that each procedure is as painless as possible, combining modern services with the latest state-of-the-art technology such as IPL hair treatments, Diode Laser machine, Lycon wax, and threading procedures for hair removal that is effective with long-term reduction results without the pain and distress. The IPL hair treatment (Intense Pulsed Light) uses a broad-spectrum, visible light that’s devised to remove shorter wavelengths and target the melanin pigment in the hairs located specific areas of the body.

Hair X also offers Power Brows Microblading, Body Massage and Foot Reflexology (in its S Maison branch only), plus Facial services (Glow, AquaFacial and Pristine Facial) and Skin Lightening Treatments (AquaLite, PristineLite, IV Glutathione, IV Placenta and IV Cinderella).

 All procedures are reasonably-priced making them more accessible for those who want to look and feel good about themselves without straining their budgets. It caters to men and women from 14-40 years old.

Visit HairX Hair Removal at the 2nd Level, Conrad S Maison, Marina Way, Mall of Asia Complex, 1300 Pasay City T: (02) 772-4587 M: 0915-774-3139

Operations: Mon-Sun (10:00AM - 10:00PM). HairX Hair Removal BGC branch is located at 2F Eight Forbes Town Road, Forbes Town Center, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig T: (02) 403-6346 M: 0977-855-5793; Operations: Mon-Sun (11:00AM - 8:00PM). Facebook: Hairxph Instagram:hairxhairremoval


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