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Monday, December 3, 2018

Red Ribbon adds an extra Pinoy flavor to the classic merienda with the new Ube Ensaimada

Look what I had for breakfast? Its the new Red Ribbon Ube Ensaimada!

Red Ribbon recently came up with another ensaimada goodness called Ube Ensaimada. It has the ube filling with the right sweetness in every bite.

For most Filipinos, the highlight of every afternoon is undoubtedly merienda. A quick mid-afternoon snack gives a much-needed boost against the usual midday slump.

One of the favorite merienda snacks is the ensaimada – sweet buns coated with butter and sprinkled with sugar and grated cheese. Among different variants of this classic treat, the Red Ribbon Cheesy Ensaimada is definitely a favorite enjoyed anywhere, from homes and schools to work places, best paired with beverages like coffee or hot chocolate.

Now, Red Ribbon adds an extra Pinoy flavor to the classic merienda with the new Ube Ensaimada. A fusion of two Filipino favorites, the delightful variant uses the much-loved Ube or purple yam as a wonderful filling to the soft and yummy pastry.

With real Ube Halaya tucked in its golden-brown coil and drizzled around the bun, the Red Ribbon Ube Ensaimada is then topped off with a coating of creamy whipped butter, a generous layer of grated cheese, and a sprinkling of sugar.

Bite into the deliciously cheesy, ube goodness of Red Ribbon Ube Ensaimada. Grab it for only P39 or bring home a 4-piece pack for only P150. Drop by your nearest Red Ribbon Bakeshop today or visit to check out other great-tasting goodies.

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