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Thursday, August 29, 2019

Salarium provides a highly customizable payroll solution that is ideal for small to medium enterprises

The last time I had my payslip was 5 years ago. I used to work in a BPO located in MOA. Everytime I took hold of my payslip, there was always a salary dispute.  Sometimes adjustment would be given after a month (after your report) or if you're lucky enough,  2 months,  to let it reflect in your payslip after a thorough checking and deliberation from the payroll people.

How I wish that someone would invent a secured app for payroll so that you can track your incentives, SSS deduction, holiday pays and overtime rendered in your mobile phones. How easy is that for both parties?

(L-R) Marc de Juan, Salarium Head of Fintech Operations, Judah Hirsch, Salarium Founder and CEO and Arianne Gonzaga, Salarium Support Manager

Then here comes Salarium app, the secured app made  for every employers in the country today. Salarium was launched last August 29 at Ralphs Wines, Arnaiz, Makati. It was graced by Salarium founder and Chief Executive Officer Judah Hirsch,  Salarium Head of Fintech Operations,Marc de Juan and Salarium Support Manager Arianne Gonzaga.

Salarium, one of the country's leading providers of intelligent technological business solutions, launches the latest version of its payroll processing software this September. Salarium partners with Unionbank to assists them with financial technology.

While Salarium already serves numerous small to medium enterprises (SMEs), the update is a complete overhaul that will bring a new level of enterprise-grade payroll to address the requirements of bigger businesses in the Philippines.

"We wanted to provide large Philippine enterprises with a highly customizable payroll solution that is ideal for solutions integrators," said Salarium founder and Chief Executive Officer Judah Hirsch. 

"Company's needs vary on a case-to-case basis, so we decided to shift to a modular microservices-based architecture. This makes Salarium ideal for integrating into an existing structure or system, and it allows us to create highly customizable technological solutions for our clients," Hirsch revealed.

A highly adaptable and business-centric software

The biggest change from previous iterations is that instead of distributing the software as a single bundle of services, Salarium now offers each service as an individual module so that large businesses need not be concerned about the difficulty of integrating the software because they can choose the specific solutions that meet their needs.

Big businesses need big solutions

Version 3.0’s modular setup is a response to the demand for scalable technological solutions to process-heavy administrative tasks. As a company grows, scalability becomes essential to maintaining the quality and reliability of its services.

Salarium’s new modules introduce independent scalability. Since services are assigned specific teams to develop them individually, deployment is much quicker, and improvements are made with greater attention to detail.

A seamless user experience

Additionally, the new update has transformed Salarium into a powerful and highly customizable asset that guarantees a scalable management system, versatile timekeeping, sophisticated payroll disbursement and convenient handling of government reports.

Salarium has also completely redesigned its user interface to make it easier to access and navigate for both administrators and employees.

Take more control over security and data privacy

Potential risk is always directly proportional to company size, especially when it comes to maintaining a secure hold over sensitive information. In the case of larger businesses, the need to tighten security around the personal data of employees only increases the more people they employ.

The update takes a state-of-the-art approach that not only covers monitoring user activity and setting advanced permission controls, it also provides an extra measure of security that is inherent to its new structure.

Customer support that continues 24/7

The largest businesses in the Philippines are heavily tied-in with the global market, rendering services and providing goods to consumers all over the world. Continuous and specialized customer support that never sleeps is one of Salarium’s competitive edges. Clients can reach Salarium at any time, through various channels and with any query so that any potential disruption of service is avoided.

Salarium wants to alleviate the administrative burden brought on by repetitive tasks so that people can focus their attention on developing skills that maximize their potential. The new update further decreases the administrative burden on human resources in the Philippines, allowing HR to focus on cultivating manpower and have a higher impact on company productivity.

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