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Thursday, August 22, 2019

Got ID? Send money for free with GCash

We use identification cards or IDs in practically all aspects of our transactions, whether it’s government or private. It is as important as having cash, ATM cards or credit cards in our wallets. 

In the Philippines, a valid ID is required when we open a bank account, apply for credit cards, apply for telephone or mobile phone lines, get our own meter for power and water, claim a package from the Post Office, or receive our orders from online shopping—all in the name of verification. Everyone asks for an ID. 

One of the best uses of your valid ID is to get fully verified with GCash so you can send money to anyone, anytime for FREE. GCash has more than 30 partner banks, many of which are already charging fees for money transfers. With GCash, sending money is still free, and it’s just as safe and fast as online apps. This is my favorite feature of GCash because it’s so convenient, and frankly, I don’t want to pay any charges for money transfers.

Of course, you have to make sure you have enough funds in your mobile wallet to send money, and you can do this by cashing in. You can move money online from your bank to your GCash wallet if you’re a fully verified user. If you’re transferring money to GCash from an international account, you may choose from one of the remittance options like Western Union, AlipayHK or Moneygram. For over-the-counter cash-in, it’s as easy. There are more than 15,000 partner outlets that will accept transfers to your GCash account; choose just one.

Cashing out is also easy. Use any of the 20,000 ATMs across the country using your GCash Mastercard. You can also access the country’s first fully mobile credit line through GCredit, earn high intertest on saving through GSave, access investments options through Invest Money or insurance through GCash Insure.

So if you’re planning to access all the features of GCash, which I always recommend to my friends and family, first make sure you have a fully verified account. All you have to do is download the latest version of GCash app from Apple or Google store. Then click any of the access points through Send Money, Cash-In via PayPal or debit card, GCredit or Invest Money. Ready your government-issued ID and follow the instructions, after which you will receive a confirmation message.

Wait 48 hours for verification and voila! You’re now ready to enjoy the full GCash experience! 


  1. Good day,
    First of all i just want to know if i send money thru gcash to someone he/she can receive tge money without id or he/she can get the said money without id?
    The Reason behind this question is last wednesday i send some money to online seller and suddenly he/she scammed me, how i will know the person who scammed me, is there any possibilities to locate the said scammer?

  2. Please help me to locate the scammer and i just want to give lesson to this kind of person.
    Thanks a lot to those person who can help me its a big help for me...


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