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Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Transcom officially opened a 2-floor site at The 30th Corporate Center in Pasig

The Philippines has been at the top of the BPO industry alongside  India and China.  It has single-handedly boosted the Philippine economy for the past few years . Being the leading and most in-demand industries around the world today. There's even a BPO company situated inside the mall or near your area.  

With the continuous technological advances that are happening all over the world, digital services are becoming more relevant. That's why BPO Companies  business are booming and we should expect several interesting trends to surface this year

I used to work in a BPO company in QC , its an in-house dental insurance based in Canada. The company offers the best benefits with health insurance coverage for the whole family and some of the major perks include an incentive every week once you reached your quota. The salary that I got from BPO  paid my kids tuition fees and utility bills.  I was just thankful that I was employed with the best BPOs in the country.  

With that in mind, how would you like to work in a BPO company that houses a child care area,  gym, sleeping quarters and shower rooms, a pharmacy operated by Generika Drugstore,   and a café operated by Figaro Coffee. 

Transcom recenty launched their newest office located at Ayala 30th shopping and business center in Meralco Avenue. The event was graced by Transcom's executives led by Mark Lyndsell, Transcom’s CEO for the Global English Region and Lennart Jansson, Swedish Deputy Head of Mission.    Located on the 18th and 19th floor of the Ayala 30th shopping and business center along Meralco Avenue, the site is home to at least 1,000 employees serving customers in North America and Asia  Pacific.   

 “We believe that opening this site will reposition us in a highly -competitive BPO landscape in the the  Philippines and increase our attractiveness to our clients. On top of that, the motivation for the space  is to create an amazing environment for our awesome people that truly reflects our core values as an  organization which, of course, complements the world class brands we support,” according to Mark  Lyndsell.    

With a mix of smart, flexible, warm, and welcoming design elements, Transcom’s newsite  showcases   a design upgrade that supports the organizational transformation it began two years ago as well as  the brand refresh it launched in early 2019.     

“We wanted a design that would level up our own standard for designing and building our facilities.  With this new site, we have actually raised the bar higher in defining our organizational brand as we  invest in new spaces moving forward,” Lyndsell said.    

Paolo Xavier Ilano, an employee who has been with Transcom for seven years and who is a Transcom  TAYO Ambassador considers the site as a breath of fresh air. “The view from my office window is as  stunning as the interior design inside and outside the Production Floor,” he shared.    

Lyndsell  highlighted that compared to other Transcom sites in Manila and in the Visayas, there  are more breakout areas and open spaces at The 30th Corporate Center site. 

“We have lounges,  thinking pods and collaboration areas where our employees can simply relax, engage with  colleagues, and generate or exchange ideas. We want the amenities to help us convey the message  that we truly care for our people,” he added.  

By the 4th quarter of 2019, Transcom will start growing the site’s employee headcount through the  expansion of its business in Awesome OS,  the Davao-based customer care company it acquired in  August 2018.  The expansion will mark Awesome OS’s maiden operation in Metro Manila.    

Apart from the 30th Corporate Center site, Transcom maintains its regional headquarters site in the  Boni area in Mandaluyong and an operations site in Pasig-Tiendesitas.  In the Visayas, it operates in the cities of Bacolod and Iloilo.  Transcom in the Philippines has about 11,500 employees. 

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