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Saturday, November 16, 2019

"My South Hall" gives you a new reason to visit S'Maison

There is a real buzz around a new concept that recently opened at the ground floor of S’Maison for it brings eight iconic brands under one roof for the first time.

It's all part of the My South Hall to revamp its restaurant scene. Now that it's added Wickd, CHIX,  ROMA,  Roast'd, Seoul Hotpot, Tabemashou, Golden Treasures, and Juicy in S'Maison Level 1 . 

Visitors can expect authentic milk tea from Wickd, a satisfying bowl of ramen from Tabemashou, tasty hakaw and other chinese food from Golden Treasures, Italian and American cuisine as well. 

Everything's here at My South Hall. 

Chef Josh Boutwood

MY SOUTH HALL, the latest winning collaboration between Chef Josh Boutwood and The Bistro Group is a fast-casual dining hub. It features a collection of restaurant counters offering some of today’s most craved cuisines and beverages (prepared fresh to order) inside a single location. My South Hall raises the bar of the food hall concept with a wide food selection, a hip and modem ambiance, excellent customer service, and an over-all elevated dining experience for urban dwellers. It’s not your regular food court. 

“We wanted to please the unique collective taste of the Filipino palate, look into their favorite cuisines, and try to work around them. Thus, at My South Hall, we have Japanese, Chinese, Italian, American, and even Milk Tea." 

TABEMASHOU  (which means “let’s eat!”) is perfect for a satisfying Japanese lunch or dinner. Dip your chopsticks into a variety of Sushi, or get lost in a tower of crunch with the Chicken Karaage. There are a lot of heavier, more filling fare such as Ramen (Tantamen and Chasu Tonkotsu) and Skewers (chicken, pork, beef) which you may pair with the steaming hot beef and salmon rice-tilled Stonepots. 

This concept is focused on the flavors of China. Delight in a variety of birthday noodles, Yang Chow Fried Rice, Egg yolk Buns, Pork Dumpling, Hakaw, Siumai, and Chicken Feet. “Wok” in and enjoy Shanghai Mien.

Roast’d is all about giving you the best Chinese style roasts without the need to fly over to the Fragrant Harbor. Roast pork, duck, and chicken, that are hung by its window. Savor delightfully, the crispy skin and the tender, juicy meat within. 

Warm up to Seoul Hotpot’s Chuck eye and Angus Beef Sirloin Hotpots. Enjoy lunch or dinner with Chunks of beef, fresh vegetables, and a hearty, steaming stew. 

Chix serves all-American comfort food from seasoned chicken wings, to mouth-watering burgers. 

Chicken Wings come in Chili barbecue, Sweet Chipotle Glaze, honey garlica Japanese Sesame Cheese, Sour Cream (and many more) flavors. 

Italian cuisine is known for being a symphony of flavors based on its staple ingredients-cheese, olive oil, tomato, basil, and cured meats. ROMA gives you exactly that: the pasta salads, soup, and herb chicken are teeming with Italian flavors. Choose your pasta then pair it with your favorite sauces 
(Red Puttanesca and Spicy Diavola); (WhiteShrimp Alfredo, Truffle, Carbonara), and Aioli (Pesto). 

JUICY is the number one fresh fruit juice bar concept in Korea that offers refreshing and healthy juices blended from fresh fruits of the season. Boasting over 800 outlets in South Korea alone,]uicy handpicks fruits and delivers to each store so guests can enjoy its most tempting tlavors including Chocolate-Banana, Kiwi, Blueberry, Honeydew, Strawberry-Mango, Orange-Pineapple, Peach, Watermelon-Strawberry, and Peanut-Banana, among others. 

WCKD: Authentic Taiwan milk tea 
WCKD is the newest Milk Tea player with its ingredients, authentic and fresh from the milk tea capital of the world. 

Enjoy a variety of flavors: Pearl Milk Tea, Taro, Wintermelon, Black Sugar, Oreo Cheese Cream, Strawberry Cheesecake and other fun and modern twists to this delightful drink. 

Coffee lovers can also have their caffeine fix with WCKD’s Iced Cofee, Iced Cofee w/ Cheese cream, Iced Caramel Coffee, and Choco Hazelnut Cofee. But if there’s one that you simply MUST try, it’s WCKD’s Ulteamate! 

There are a number of reasons why it’s dubbed the ultimate in milk tea experience. A milky delight with just the right balance of creaminess and sweetness, flavored with fresh tea leaves and topped with perfectly chewy tapioca pearls, grass jelly, and pudding.

In the reshaped food hall landscape, guests are literally spoiled for choice and a distinctive dining experience at My South Hall. Its all about good food, great atmosphere, and efficient service- a venue where you want to bring your family and friends.

Visit My South Hall at the Level 1, S'Maison, Pasay City. Instagram and Facebook @MySouthHall

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