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Wednesday, November 20, 2019

The Quest Journal 2020: Your Pages that Hold Precious Stories

Doodles there, long texts here, our favorite expressions on the side, stories, plans, and tasks – our journal is indeed our personal space. Yet many times, lines and dividers with dates keep us from storing more memories. They force us to shorten our sentences, or to simply squeeze in some words on the paper margins. Thankfully, Viviamo!, Inc. is back with journals that allow us to be limitless: The Quest Journal 2020 collection. 

Their journals, with no boundaries set on each page, are meant to give you freedom and focus. This is particularly important because a journal has the power to hold precious stories just like the following:

Stories of struggle. We don’t always get to accomplish our plans like how we want them to be. Each task for each day sets different kinds of challenge, and journals are reliable enough to bear those frustrations. It’s like our close friend who knows our weaknesses, and a space where we can vent without any judgment. It’s not like our Instagram feed that needs to be fully curated, so you can let that rough handwriting on a rough day freely fall into place.

Stories of happiness. What’s sweet in every journal is how one can easily track the transition from a bad day to a good memory. They are tools to record those fun moments, may they be as grand as a work promotion, receiving a compliment, or the simple reward of getting a milk tea in the middle of a busy day. Quest journals have refillable fillers perfect for tiny photos, sketches, or snippets, especially when exclamation points couldn’t fully articulate joy. 

Stories of the future. To plan ahead is to help us efficiently manage our decisions. Journals are not only meant for the present moments; they allow us to list down our goals so we can be more motivated to achieve them. Whether you’re targeting to save up for that much-awaited trip, or learning a new skill this 2020, or finally completing that course in school, there’s no little or big goal in this little book authored by you.  Every plan is valid.

Stories of reflection and self-awareness. Journals are made for #nofilter kind of stories - and that’s why we always hold them close to our hearts (both literally, and figuratively). After randomly writing down those challenging and rewarding experiences, you can vividly see where you’re standing at, where you really want to go, who you’re with, and all the learnings or realizations in between. It is a great medium to help us reflect, reassess, and act.

Stories of a well-lived year. Time will come when all those blank pages are finally full of stories to look back on. It may have already turned into a travel or a cooking journal, and that’s great. These are the moments that are not always documented on your social media accounts; this how you lived 365 days of your life. But what’s even more important is that this little journal could help you determine how you’d like to move forward. 

Ready for what 2020 has in store? Get the Quest Journal collection via The new line features the minimalist Earth collection in shades of Caribbean, Graphite, and Forest, as well as the Galaxy collection in Space and Stardust hues perfect for those who want a little sparkly texture. 

Quest Journal also comes in three (3) sizes—mini, medium and travel. As if these vegan leather covers were not enough to inspire us to finally declutter and organize our lives, each journal has PVC pockets for bills and cards, too.

Now, what’s your Quest? Ready, Set, G to new stories!

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