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Monday, November 11, 2019

Taiwan's Most Famous "Meet Fresh" is now here in Manila

Last year, when we were in Taiwan, we tried almost all of their delicacies.  From milktea to herbal teas to stinky tofu to big flat fried chicken, to misua and taro balls from Jiufen. No one can deny that Taiwan is a food lovers paradise. I remember buying that hot bowl of mochi and taro balls in Jiufen and never share it with my partner hahaha. It was that good. Its not that sweet, its soft and chewy, its like ginatan but with a twist. I told myself that I would be back for more.

Until I learned that Meet Fresh is now here in Manila.  I would bring my family to have a bowl of taro balls goodness. What I love the most is their mochi balls. Now I can have that anytime of the day, especially when I am craving.
Its yummy and freshly made, to ensure everyone that you are consuming healthy dessert. 

Known for its tasty Taro Balls, refreshing herbal jelly, and tofu pudding among others, the products are always ‘Freshly made, cooked and served’ utilizing traditional Taiwanese methods to ensure that it brings the best and the healthiest desserts to its customers.

“Meet Fresh” was founded by a traditional agricultural farming family in the City of Taichung (central part of Taiwan). Its two masters, Mr. and Mrs. Fu (the eldest of the Fu family), were raised in an age where society in Taiwan was changing rapidly due to technology improvements and automation. But they still believed in making desserts the old-fashioned way to preserve the unforgettable natural sweetness of the traditional taste. 

Meet Fresh was established to fulfill the Fu’s deepest desire to share their handmade, freshly prepared wholesome tastes with everyone. They were persistent as to how they made their desserts, with the principal value that each dessert has to be handmade with the freshest natural ingredients and with no added preservatives.

Among the must try items in the menu are the; 
Signature Icy Grass Jelly with grass jelly (Php 220.00) ; 
Icy Taro Ball #4 (Php 220.00), 
Hot red bean(Php 180.00), 
Q Mochi Milk shaved ice(Php 280); and the 
Winter Melon Tea with Taro Balls (Php 130.00)a traditional beverage in Taiwan served with mini taro balls and whipped cream.

“In the last few years, Taiwan has become a favorite travel destination of Filipinos. And for those who love to go on a food trip, Meet Fresh is one of the places you have to include in your itinerary. That is why we decided to bring Meet Fresh to the Philippines so that everyone can discover and enjoy the taste of authentic Taiwanese desserts,” says Janzen De Jesus, Franchise Owner, Meet Fresh Philippines.

Meet Fresh has more than 700 locations worldwide throughout Asia Pacific, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and the United States. Meet Fresh is located at Level 5, Podium Mall

For news and updates and promos, make sure to follow Meet Fresh Philippines on and

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