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Monday, November 4, 2019

More than just money: Sending love across the miles

When thinking of traits that best describe Filipinos, the words “generous,” “kind,” or “giving,” among others, often come to mind.

True enough, the Filipino spirit of thoughtfulness is heavily ingrained in our culture that we even created traditions such as pasalubong or the act of bringing back home even the smallest tokens for loved ones and friends. Celebrations such as birthdays, anniversaries and any holiday imaginable get us excited because they signal another opportunity to give gifts to each other.

Such generosity is just one manifestation of how our culture values close ties with family and loved ones. It comes as no surprise that wherever we go, we always think of ways to make those back home feel loved and remembered.

These days, the act of sending money—be it repaying a friend, giving a cash gift to a loved one or even just sending your child’s daily allowance—has been made even more personal and memorable. GCash, the country’s leading mobile wallet, takes the monotony out of an everyday task such as sending money with innovative and creative Send Money options on the app.

Users can now send money with a more personalized touch with the added options to attach photos, videos or audio messages through the Send with a Clip feature. Especially for those sending money from miles away, the addition of a photo or short video makes the act more heartwarming and exciting on the receiving end.

To celebrate special occasions such as weddings, birthdays and Lunar New Year, GCash has also added an Ang Pao Send Money feature. Users can send their best wishes to relatives and friends along with a cash gift enclosed in a virtual version of the classic red envelope.

Sometimes, thoughtfulness also comes with keeping the welfare and convenience of the receiver in mind. The Express Send option on GCash is a quick, easy and fuss-free way to instantly send money to someone in dire need. The Send to Bank feature also credits the amount directly to the recipient’s bank account, enabling immediate withdrawal or use.

The great news is that GCash customers are able to enjoy these features free of charge—instantaneously and with the same ease as other GCash financial transactions and features.

Through such thoughtful innovations, Filipinos all over the country and in other places abroad who may be separated by miles can be brought together in celebrating small milestones through the power of their mobile phones and e-wallets.  

GCash, being the leader in the mobile wallet segment, aims to continuously innovate and improve the user experience through these value-added services and features.

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