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Monday, November 15, 2021

realme TechLife Robot Vacuum Review: Clean smarter faster and easier with LiDAR Smart Mapping & Navigation System

There’s only 40 days to go before Christmas, it looks like we’ll finally be able to celebrate the holidays with our families now that the alert level in Metro Manila has been downgraded once again.


But with the possibility of reunions and parties and guests coming over, also comes the need to make preparations and make sure that the house is clean and organized---and keep it that way even after the parties.


With the threat of COVID-19 still looming, we still have to be extra careful not just about cleaning but sanitizing the house.

Maybe that’s why vacuum cleaners have become one of the most popular household appliances of the year--not close to air fryer levels, but I’ve seen a lot of my friends posting and raving about their new wireles/handheld units.


I remember back in the days, having a vacuum cleaner in your house was a status symbol because it meant you had carpeted flooring that can only be cleaned properly with a vacuum while the ordinary household had to be content with the walis tambo and bunot to keep the floors clean and shiny.


Fast forward to today,  vacuum cleaners are replacing our brooms as they could also be used not only for floors but to clean curtains, sofas and rid our beds from dust and mites. My partner and I, have 3 types of vacuum cleaners, one for the car, another for the floor and a small one to clean our bed, sofa and his toy cabinet.


But it doesnt end there as the next generation of robotic cleaners are upon us.


Just last month realme, the number one smartphone brand in the country has launched its TechLife Robot Vacuum  with the advanced features you need to keep your home clean and tidy.  Robot Vacuum Cleaners have become quite popular in the recent years, becasue of the convenience and time saving potential it can bring to your life.


Time is money, as they say and you can set up your robot to clean your home every day of the week if you like and they will efficiently go about their business saving you the hard work. Now that we are going back to normal and going back to work in our offices you can set these robot vacuums to clean even when you are not around.


The realme TechLife Robot Vacuum is ideal for everyone looking to upgrade their home cleaning with topnotch technology. It boasts a 2-in-1 Vacuum & Mop Function, a LiDAR Smart Mapping & Navigation System, and a customized Home Cleaning Plan for optimized all-around cleaning. In addition, it is equipped with Intelligent Surface Adaptation Technology, 38 High-precision Sensors, and Google Assistant and Alexa Support, making it the perfect gadget to help you make your homes cleaner and healthier for your families.


How does this all work? Well we’ve put the realme TechLife Robot Vacuum to the test and here are the things we love about it.


But first lets check what’s inside the box!


The realme TechLife Robot Vacuum comes packed in two boxes, first is a protective brown box that contains the white box with the realme branding. Inside secured by an inlay of repurposed packaging is the robot vacuum unit, two user manuals (device and app), two side brushes, a charging base, and an adapter.



The device also comes with a dustbin filter and cleaning brush. The cleaning brush comes with bristles, a comb, and a small cutter for removing those frayed or loose ends of the brushes.


Taking it out of the plastic wrapping, the realme Techlife robot vacuum looks realy sleek and modern. Realme has opted for a symmetrical aesthetic design. Dual side-brushes, centered button positioning and minimalist outlines to create a comfortable and homely look. The body features a black mirrored texture which synthesizes the atmospheric smoothness of industrial art and the high-tech feel of robotic design. The body is matched with realme’s trademark yellow to create a unique contrast and offers higher resistance to dirt buildup. The front of the body is made of quality collision-resistant tempered glass, which ensures a higher level of durability than many plastic designs on the market.  


As for the size the unit measures  350 x 100 mm diameter while the charging base is 160x 143x 81mm. The device itself weighs around 3.3kg.


On top is the realme logo as well as the home button (for recharging and pausing operation) and the power button.


Checking out the bottom, you’ll see the retractable wheels and main vacuum with the angled rotating brushes, the removable dustbin and this is also where you’ll need attach the two side brushes.


What makes the realme Techlife robot vacuum unique is its LIDAR Smart Navigation system which gives it an advantage over other cleaning robots.


At present, most cleaning robots on the market use Inertial Navigation, Camera Visual Navigation, or LIDAR Smart Navigation Systems. Inertial Navigation uses a built-in gyroscope which make it prone to repeat cleaning, missing areas during scanning, unclear planning, and other issues. Visual Navigation on the other hand is camera-based, and easily affected by light conditions and poor at detecting boundaries, which in turn leads to high collision rates.


The realme TechLife Robot Vacuum’s LiDAR Smart Navigation System is capable of detecting elevation shifts and equipped with LiDAR capable of both stereo and complete mapping, ensuring clear travel routes and providing the ability to designate specific areas.


The realme TechLife Robot Vacuum is equipped with the latest generation of LiDAR technologies. Precise Mapping: 98% accuracy;360°scanning ; Precise positioning:  Each cell can be clearly identified, and your no-go zone can be divided as small as 0.01m (as small as a realme GT) ; Smart Planning: Intelligently plan optimal cleaning routes to ensure highly efficiency.


Once your done with mapping and smart navigation, you can use the realme Link app to completely personalize your Cleaning Plans. You can merge, split, and name different rooms and totally personalize your cleaning plan.


For example, you can configure the robot to clean your bedroom first using only a small amount of water and normal vacuum power as it is usually the cleanest. You can then move to the living room next and finally use the highest vacuum power to perform a deep clean of the kitchen. When the robot cleans the hard-to-clean areas like carpets or wall edges, its travel speed is automatically reduced and its vacuum power is boosted to ensure the deepest clean possible.


The good thing is that it’ll be able to clean every room according to your needs even when you’re not at home, all at the press of a button. You can also set a virtual wall if there’s anywhere in your home that you don’t want the robot to venture into, such as your child’s bedroom.


The robot is equipped with a total of 38 sensors, including Cliff Sensors, TOF Wall Sensors, Obstacle Detection Sensors and many more. These sensors make the robot more sensitive and perceptive of its surroundings to effectively avoid getting jammed inside furniture and automatically detect the gap height. In addition to external perception, the robot also features sensors to monitor its internal condition. When there is any fault, it will send out an immediate alert, which helps prolong its lifecycle.


The realme TechLife Robot Vacuum delivers a super-high vacuum power of 3000Pa, which means that it can suck greater the weight of the particles and deeply clean dust in crevices. There are four levels of suction: 500pa Quiet, 1200pa Normal, 2500pa Turbo, 3000pa Max.


It also features a 5200mAh large battery to ensure durability. the Big capacity and battery mean that you won’t have to constantly empty the robot during cleaning. As a result, it can continuously clean a 300m² room human intervention.


@lola_lamon You can configure the realme robot vacuum to clean your bedroom first using a small amount of water and normal vacuum power as it usually the cleanest. @realme Philippines ♬ Tokyo Drift - Xavier Wulf

You can start the cleaning process right away simply by pressing the power button, but to make use of the smart features and give you more control over the robot, its best to connect it to the Realme Link app.  


We used the realme robot on our room that has just been renovated and painted and it did a great job of vacuuming a lot of dirt that we couldn’t get rid of sweeping and you can actually tell which area the realme robot vacuum cleaner has gone through.


For dirtier rooms you can set it to maximum where it will create a suction of 3000pa but it will be more noisy and consume more battery . Its great for picking up all my hair fall, which makes my partner very happy as he hates it when he has to brush it off the broom.


But it does have a bit of difficulty picking up tufts of with tufts of hair or even small bits of food wrappers. You will have to manually pick them up otherwise they will likely get stuck in the main brush.

This is my first time to use a robot vacuum cleaner, and it was the most amazing technology that was invented for busy moms like me. You just have to plug it in and it will do the cleaning itself. If youre a multitasker mom with small kids , then this one's for you. 


Realme TechLife Robot Vacuum Specs


Color Black

Weight 3.3kg

Size 350*100mm

Water tank capacity

The 2-in-1 dust bin & water tank is included in Mopping Kit Package, which needs to be purchased separately Dust Bin 350mL + Water Tank 300mL

Dust Bin Capacity 600mL

Cleaning Modes Vacuum, Mop, Mop & Vacuum

Water Level Dry, Minimum, Normal, Maximum

Suction power 500Pa Quiet;1200PaNormal ; 2500PaTurbo;3000PaMax

Noise <55dBVacuum ModeQuiet

Battery capacity 5200mAh

Adaptor Output 20V 1A

Charging time 360min

Size of Charging Base 160*143*81mm

Packing List Realme TechLife Robot Vacuum *1

Charging Base *1

Adaptor *1

Side Brush *2

Cleaning Brush *1

User Manual *1

APP Connection Guide *1

Mopping Kit

(Needs to be purchased separately) Detachable 2-in-1 Water Tank*1

Washable Mop Pad*2

Disposable Mop Pad*10


A Smarter Way To Clean: realme TechLife Robot Vacuum


- The realme TechLife Robot Vacuum is available for SRP P16,990.

- Get the realme TechLife Robot Vacuum for only P13,990 (P3,000 discount) on Lazada & Shopee starting October 22.

- Also available in realme authorized stores nationwide.


  1. I want this! The best ever ! #RealMePh #RealMeTechLife Robot Vacuum ! Technology wise and innovative

  2. Wow love this techlife robot vacuum , ang ganda nya gamitin hndi lang sa sahig pwede dn sya sa mga sofa npaka gandang technology . Must have ❤️😍

  3. Wow the best quality vacuum that's awesome and very helpful for our convineince. The best features that will surely loved by the customers.
    Great review and thank you for sharing this blog.

  4. Love your Review Ms. Lou, very Nice and Interesting to Use This Too, dbest brand rin talaga tong realme highly recommended, and nice Featured Indeed 💯💯 such an Amazing Robot Vaccum, really Nice and High Qualitt ❤❤


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