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Thursday, November 18, 2021

AlcoPro enters into a new partnership with beep card

Commuters in Metro Manila can expect an added level of protection against COVID-19 in their daily trips as First PGMC Enterprises Inc. (FPGMC) ethyl alcohol brand AlcoPro enters into a new partnership with beep card, a stored-value contactless card of AF Payments, Inc.

The new partnership will see not only the production of AlcoPro-branded beep cards, but also the distribution of free 60ml AlcoPro samples at beep-enabled bus stations all across the metro. AlcoPro 1L pumps are also available for commuters’ use on each card distribution and loading booth.  This move is a testament to AlcoPro’s commitment to keeping Filipinos safe, sanitized, and healthy as they go about their daily commutes.

Photo shows the on-site launch which kicked off the new partnership between FPGMC’s ethyl alcohol brand AlcoPro and beep™ card of  AF Payments Inc.

Keeping our hands clean and sanitized is very important, not only to combat COVID-19, but also to prevent a range of other infections,” said Joseph Charles Cruel, New Business Development Group Head of NutriAsia, during the event that kicked off the new partnership.

“This is why we are grateful for this partnership with beep™ card. It is our own way of empowering more Filipinos to be extra vigilant with hand hygiene to combat the spread of the virus and thus win the battle against COVID-19. We will continue to respond to the needs of millions of Filipinos all over the world and remain a steadfast partner in mapping out better, brighter days for our country.”

“We have formed a strategic partnership in light of the pandemic to bring more value to our customers through this very unique opportunity.  Even though we are from different industries, what we both do is help Filipinos go back to normal lives. We accomplish this with our beep™ cashless product, while you do it with your AlcoPro sanitation products,” said Bing Barraquias, head of transportation of AF Payments Inc.

The partnership kicked off with an on-site launch at the BGC Bus Terminal McKinley at EDSA corner Ayala Avenue, Makati City last October 15. Free AlcoPro beep™ cards, as well as 60 ml AlcoPro samples were distributed to commuters at the terminal. Distribution of  free cards and samples continued in BGC Market-Market  and  Precious Grace Transport Trinoma Terminals.  It will be extended to EDSA Carousel buses later this year up to early 2022.

AlcoPro is a 70% ethyl alcohol that is naturally sourced from sugarcane, posting a 99.9% kill rate against illness-causing germs. It contains Aloe Vera and Pro Vit B5, which act as moisturizers for the skin and comes in a Powder Fresh scent for a light and clean fragrance.

beep is a stored value contactless card that can be used for fare payments in Metro Manila’s three elevated railways—LRT-1, LRT-2, and MRT-3—and can be used for fare payments in a growing number of Point-to-Point (P2P) buses and PUVs nationwide. Outside of public transportation, beep™ can also be used to pay for Cebu Ferries and is accepted in selected Ministop branches. 

In a recent survey, results showed that 5 out of 10 Filipinos claim they are bothered by the dry skin they experience due to regular alcohol usage. Another interesting insight was that 6 out of 10 Filipinos agree that roughness of skin is a characteristic of dry skin. Aside from roughness, 3 out of 10 also agree that dry skin is characterized by stinging sensation, skin peeling and presence of skin cracks, the survey revealed.

These concerns can be alleviated with the use of AlcoPro with the following benefits validated in a clinical test:


- Dermatologically and clinically proven and tested safe

- Gentle on the hands

- Clinically proven to kill 99.9% of bacteria and viruses

- Clinically tested effective to moisturize skin 


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  1. This is great partnership , This move is a testament to AlcoPro’s commitment to keeping Filipinos safe, sanitized, and healthy as they go about their daily commutes. 😍❤️

  2. This is for the safety of all passengers. Kudos to AlcoPro for this great partnership with beepcards.
    We must be aware and give the most concerned in safety and health matters.


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