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Friday, December 10, 2021

Self-Made Sunday Planner can empower you to pursue a life well-lived and loved, and help turn your dreams into reality

The pandemic has been challenging and confusing for many people all over the world. With plans suddenly coming to a halt, feeling lost, disorganized, and out of touch with your dreams is a normal response. Investing in a good planner and going back to basic will be one of the most inexpensive yet strategic first moves you can do to help you get back on the saddle and live your best life in the new normal. 


Self-Made Sunday Planner is a great tool that can help you plan ahead and navigate life even when surrounded by uncertainties. Not your typical agenda, it is a life planner that guides you to look at the big picture first then shifts your focus on the things you can control. It also helps you visualize the life you want to live.  

The planner has a well-rounded goal-setting system that will help you break down your goals and dreams into a loose plan set by year, months, weeks, and days leading you to new habits and routines, and a life with clear intention. 

Self-made Sunday Planner also advocates for a balanced life making sure you don’t neglect self-care and fun. It has allotted pages for 'flavor of the month' activities, journal, and reflection pages. Like a life coach, it guides you to filter out the noise and discover more about yourself, passions, gifts, dreams, and purpose and empowers you to set personal, professional, financial, and recreational goals. 


You don't need to blindly walk through the new normal, Self-Made Sunday Planner can empower you to pursue a life well-lived and loved, and help turn your dreams into reality.


Get your own Self-made Sunday Planner at: or give them out as gifts. Get 20% off by using the code GIFTPH upon check-out. For a dose of inspiration, follow @selfmadesundayplanner on Instagram.


You are one step away from taking control of your life and also helping save one in the process.  A portion of the proceeds will go to International Justice Mission (IJM) to help to fund rescue operations saving cyber-trafficked girls in the Philippines.


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