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Friday, February 11, 2022

Gigi de Lana, Markus Paterson and Kaori Oinuma headline PLDT Home’s new music anthology #SpeedThatMovesYou

This Valentine’s Day, the country’s hottest stars Gigi de Lana, Markus Paterson and Kaori Oinuma headline PLDT Home’s new music anthology #SpeedThatMovesYou that celebrates the power of connections in forming meaningful relationships and discovering love in all forms. 


The two-episode mini-series dives deep into different kinds of love and how the internet allows people to find communities, friends, even that special someone despite the physical distance. The series drops on February 11 on the PLDT Home YouTube channel.


The Duet

Gigi de Lana and Markus Paterson


PLDT Home’s first episode tackles the relatable journey between Markus and Gigi whose unexpected love story highlights the power of online connections to find love and support in the most challenging moments. 


In the episode dubbed as “Duet,” Markus portrays a popular singer-songwriter experiencing an artist’s block–struggling and under extreme pressure to create a successful music record. He finds solace in writing music for himself and posting it under an anonymous account on TikTok. Meanwhile, a young college student Arlisa (portrayed by Gigi) is a talented artist who sings covers and duets under an anonymous account as she prefers to be low-key and away from the spotlight. Arlisa discovers Markus’ song on social media and creates a duet cover which started their online friendship and a budding romance. With both of their characters living drastically different lives, will the connection that they built last?



The Confession

Kaori Oinuma


It’s been said that people need to be “true to themselves” in order to attain happiness but that is often easier said than done as Abbie (portrayed by Kaori) discovers in the 2nd episode dubbedThe Confession


The second episode of the musical mini-series talks about the importance of following your heart and being true to oneself. Abbie is a professional gamer and streamer who has amassed a considerable following online and whose dream is to be successful in eSports player. Her mother is an overseas Filipino worker who wants Abbie to have a stable job as an Accountant. Eager to gain her mother’s approval, Abbie juggles both her studies and her passion for eSports – a side of her that she hides from her mother. With a major eSports competition coming up, her class responsibilities piling up, plus the emotional strain of hiding her dream career from her mother, how will Abbie be able to have real connection within herself and continue to make her mother proud? 


Watch and discover how the fastest connections can help form lasting love and meaningful relationships in this musical series on PLDT Home’s YouTube page. You can also listen to the new original song “Speed of Love” performed by Gigi de Lana, Markus Paterson and Kaori Oinuma and written by the award-winning songwriter Jonathan Manalo on Spotify


  1. Wow tlga nman the best ang pldt , and npka ganda nitong mga episodes na to . 😍❤️ #SpeedThatMovesYou

  2. Very inspiring!You're the best PLDT🤩

  3. The best episodes ever. Thank you PLDT for giving your great service.

  4. Wow must watch talaga ito kudos to PLDT ❤️🥰

  5. This must be very exciting!! Nice episodes and stories!! 👍🏻👍🏻

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