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Friday, February 18, 2022

Cebu Pacific showcased as Asia’s greenest airline in Singapore Airshow

 Cebu Pacific (PSE: CEB), the Philippines’ leading airline, proudly participates in the Singapore Airshow as the only Philippine carrier in the prestigious trade event to showcase its newest Airbus 330neo aircraft, bolstering its status as the greenest airline in Asia. 


It is the first time that Airbus has chosen a carrier from the Philippines to be featured in the Singapore Airshow. Cebu Pacific’s A33neo is on permanent display during the four-day event (Feb 15-18) which is Asia’s most influential airshow held every two years for high-level government and military delegations and senior corporate executives from leading international aerospace companies. About 10,000 are expected to attend the trade show during its four-day run.


Top executives of Cebu Pacific welcomed journalists and trade visitors during the A330neo aircraft visit that was held today. 


“It is important for us to offer value service to our passengers and do it in a sustainable manner. The A330neo is a testament to our commitment to environmental and social sustainability, in line with our target of operating an all-Neo fleet by 2027,” said Mike Szucs, Chief Executive Adviser at Cebu Pacific. 

The A330neo’s 459-seat availability allows more travelers to be carried in a single flight, resulting in the lowest carbon footprint per passenger per kilometer. This will enable CEB to operate as the greenest airline in Asia, on top of ensuring comfort over long distances through its ergonomically designed lightweight Recaro seats.


The A330neo is among the quietest wide body cabins flying today in commercial aviation. This allows CEB to provide an improved overall customer experience for all. It also uses 25% less fuel than previous generation aircraft, able to consume as little as 1.4 liters per seat per 100 kilometers. This enables CEB to burn less fuel and emit less carbon, supporting the airline’s commitment to keep providing low fares for its passengers.  


“We are very happy for this opportunity to showcase our newest eco-plane at the Singapore Airshow. It is our honor to be the first-ever Philippine carrier chosen by Airbus to display the A330neo and we take pride in being able to move forward with our fleet modernization plan amidst the global pandemic,” added Szucs.


To date, the airline has received two out of its 16 A330neo aircraft orders, currently being used to fly to key Philippine hubs such as Davao and General Santos. 

“We thank Cebu Pacific for allowing us to feature their A330neo alongside their growth story at the Singapore Airshow”, said Anand Stanley, President Airbus Asia-Pacific. “We are so proud to see our aircraft flying in the beautiful colors of Cebu Pacific and look forward to working together on our shared goal to ensure a sustainable future for our industry."


CEB looks forward to ramping up its network, both domestic and international, in preparation for the anticipated travel demand following the easing of travel restrictions in and out the Philippines. 


CEB boasts of one of the youngest fleets in the world, with an average fleet age of 5.8 years. Its 74-strong fleet includes two (2) dedicated ATR freighters.


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  2. This allows CEB to provide an improved overall customer experience for all. ❤️

  3. Wow kudos sa cebu pacific nag gandang opportunity na din po ito😍ang astig din po nitong A330neo’s

  4. Very nice cebu pacific and talagang great opportunity and convenient


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