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Wednesday, July 20, 2022

Ortigas Arts Festival Shares Workshop Schedule

Now in its fifth year, Ortigas Arts Festival remains true to its goal of making art accessible for all. Additionally, the festival will have workshops exclusive to Ortigas Community Card members every weekend this July!


To be able to participate in the workshop, click here to register:


Make sure to download the Ortigas Malls app and register for the Ortigas Community Card to join our festivities! 


Know more details about the workshops on the Ortigas Art Festival Facebook page!


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  1. Yayy that's great thank you for sharing this at ang dami nila workshops ,for sure nakakaenjoy at ang daming matutunan for those who wants to join

  2. Such a nice and good workshop,so what are you waiting for? Let's download the Ortigas malls app and Register to join this festivities 😍♥️

  3. Yay nkaka excite nman ung mga ganitong event sure na tlga nman marami ang mag eenjoy dito . Thanks for the info 😍

  4. This is really a great workshop Lalo na sa mga mahilig sa arts sure na very helpful ito sa lahat kaya register now


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