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Saturday, July 30, 2022

Sagip Babae Foundation is a newly created organization dedicated to offering safe spaces for women

There's no magic words to heal someone from sexual harassment or abuse. Its a lifetime scar that would leave a mark to those who suffered from these sexual misconduct. I know, I have a friend from college who underwent the same. 

It would take a process to heal and eventually forget. We can all be supportive by listening and get access to a foundation that they need for healing. 

Sagip Babae Foundation launches its operations on July 29 at Bondi&Bourke in Makati. The  launch marks the start of Sagip Babae Foundation’s online Facebook community for women survivors of abuse, giving them access to various activities and resources that may prove beneficial in their journey towards healing and recovery.

Sagip Babae Foundation is a newly created organization dedicated to offering safe spaces for women who have suffered from—and survived—domestic violence, sexual harassment, and abuse in its myriad forms. Because such experiences can have severe short- or long-term effects on victims’ mental health, Sagip Babae will stress on granting aid and relief for these women in the aftermath of their ordeal.


The foundation’s launch couldn’t have come at a better time. The overall socioeconomic effects of the pandemic have created situations that render women more vulnerable to abuse. A recent study by the Commission of Population and Development (POPCOM) found that 25 percent of surveyed Filipino adults consider violence against women one of the more citical issues during the current health crisis. 

Melissa Rina Profeta draws on her own personal experience as inspiration to help other women process their trauma

The deleterious effects of abuse likewise resonate with Sagip Babae founders Francesca Fugen and Melissa Rina Profeta’s own life experiences. They cite their personal trauma, as well as those of women they have helped, as their inspiration for starting Sagip Babae. Fugen and Profeta hope to provide—from the get-go—comforting assistance to women victims, aged 18 and above, from all over the country.
@lola_lamon To those who suffered from sexual abuse and domestic violenxe. You can go to Sagip Babae Foundation for support and healing. Check them out at FB Sagip Babae Community. #sexualharrasment #healing #rapevictims ♬ original sound - Lou Sv


Sagip Babae Foundation’s Facebook community will hold webinars and bi-monthly group sessions, and offer self-care strategies, wellbeing education, as well as more information on meditation and holistic healing. It will seek the best possible path of recovery and healing for beneficiaries by carefully matching them to the appropriate partner experts and practitioners. The foundation will shoulder all expenses for therapy and medication within their first month of participation, as well as half of the costs in the second and third months. 


The foundation will have a dedicated counselor for the initial session with beneficiaries. Core team members, along with volunteers for the foundation, have undergone mental health first responder and psychological support training to ensure that each beneficiary receives competent treatment during their time with the foundation.


Sagip Babae commits to providing mental healthcare through its partnership with experts in the field such as Mr. AJ Sunglao, a licensed psychologist and mental health advocate, and Ms. Charlene R. Lucas, a registered psychologist and international clinical traumatologist. For a more extensive approach, Sagip Babae has also consulted with Third Eye Wellness, a provider of holistic healing services, and Ms. Jenny Umali, a life coach and Reiki practitioner. 


To show their support for Sagip Babae’s cause, a slew of mental health professionals, officials from relevant government agencies and organizations, and influencers attended the launch. These include Ms. Carmen Reyes Zubiaga, an advocate for gender equality and chairperson at Angat Persons with Disabilities United 2030; Ms. Angel Dei, a social media content creator and women’s advocate; Ms. Cassie Uyoco, an influencer who advocates for destigmatizing mental health; Ms. Joyce Pring, a TV presenter and podcaster; and Cheris Faustino, a social media content creator and mental health advocate. A recorded video message from Senator Bong Go will also be shown at the event.


Sagip Babae hopes to forge lasting partnerships with these attendees moving forward in order to better serve their future beneficiaries. The foundation will endeavor to reach out to these women and offer them vital resources for safeguarding their mental health in the days ahead. 



  1. This is great,very helpful organization for women who have suffered from—and survived—domestic violence, sexual harassment! thank you for sharing Ms lou,will share this too para alam din ng iba

  2. Wow this is great initiative to help the women and recover from the dark experience

  3. Wow npka ganda nman ng ganitong organization para sa kababaihan 😍

  4. Super ganda naman po nitong organizations,super help to all women's who experience violence or abuse ! Thanks for sharing this with us 🫶♥️

  5. This is really a great organization that will truly help women! ❤️


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