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Monday, September 5, 2022

Discovery Hospitality Corporation (DHC) leads the Hospitality Industry in the Post-Pandemic Era

The Philippines is filled with diverse cultural heritage, ancient traditions, and world-class products and services; these are reasons why it is one of the leaders in the tourism industry.

Discovery Hospitality Corporation (DHC) has been one of the pioneers in showcasing and developing the Philippines’ tourism potential through exemplary hospitality service and management. A proudly well-loved homegrown brand for over two decades, it has built the most iconic destination properties in the country. Coupling that with their high standards in hospitality management, they have created remarkable experiences that give a superior value and profound impact on their customers.

Apart from their first-class development and management prowess, DHC continues to adapt to modern times, offering a wealth of opportunities for current and future investors.

Leveling Up The Locations

Boracay and Palawan have always been well-loved destinations due to their natural beauty. To complete the package for a truly memorable experience, DHC applied its expertise in providing excellent amenities and service to visitors through Discovery Shores Boracay (DSB) and Club Paradise Palawan (CPP), respectively, as well as their other hotels in Metro Manila.

According to Jose C. Parreño, Chief Operating Officer of DHC, before Discovery Resorts made their mark in Boracay and Palawan, they first created a firm strategy on how to maximize the strengths of both destinations to a diverse customer base. "Both islands have a healthy and stable mix of customers driving occupancy, the majority of whom are Filipinos," Parreño said.

Currently, DSB has a healthy customer mix of 67% local and 33% foreign. CPP, on the other hand, serves 51% local and 49% foreign customers.

"We are also looking into other booming locations such as Samal, Benguet, El Nido, Siargao, San Vicente, and Negros Occidental," Parreño added. "As we target a dynamic range of age groups for both local and foreign visitors, DHC continues to develop more brands such as Kip&Kin, Signature Collection, and Vacation Rentals," he continued.

Their strategy in property development and management has proven to be impressive, with international travel websites and awarding bodies, such as TripAdvisor, Travel + Leisure, and World Luxury Award, recognizing DSB and CPP as top destination resorts. On top of this, Discovery Hospitality’s thought leadership and best practices are recognized in the Asia-Pacific hospitality industry.

Poised For Growth

As a trailblazer in the industry, DHC always promises to provide "Service That’s All Heart" by employing and training a well-rounded and experienced team to keep things running with quality, from the Property Development aspect, to the Management and Operations.

Sitting on twenty years worth of experience, DHC is now raring for growth and pivoting for expansion throughout the country. While they are known for their luxury brands like DSB, CPP, Discovery Suites, and Discovery Primea, they have ventured into other brands, such as hostels and regional signatures,  to cater to every traveler. DHC has also implemented retail development and other auxiliary, albeit vertically integrated, businesses, making the Discovery advantage more accessible to a more diverse and more value-oriented market.

Discovery Hospitality is also eyeing opening new properties under their Discovery Resorts brand with Discover Samal in Mindanao; and the flagship property under Signature Collection, Manami Resort in Sipalay, Negros Occidental, both by the end of 2022. 

Discovery Samal, in partnership with CSG Holdings Corp.’s subsidiary, Samal Shores, Inc, is a massive property with an approximate area of five hectares, located along the coasts of the Island Garden City of Samal. The property is expected to elevate Davao’s tourism industry through a sprawling enclave of carefully curated dining, relaxation, entertainment, and events facilities, particularly the 1,200-capacity convention center.

Another prime property management contract in collaboration with Sandy Cove Inc. is Manami Resort, a new sanctuary woven in the untouched oasis of Sipalay, Negros Occidental. The property’s design is a union of nature and heritage and is set to offer mind and body pampering through its holistic healing grounds. Overlooking the Sulu Sea, the resort is also a dreamy wedding destination.

As DHC continues to expand throughout the country, they are able to elevate the country’s reputation as an excellent travel destination, open opportunities for investors, and provide livelihood for local tourism stakeholders. 

“We are looking to tap more local businesses and, of course, investors who wish to create more valuable and amazing experiences for local and foreign tourists in many other breathtaking Philippine destinations,” Parreño said. “Our trailblazing leadership in the industry has helped us develop our shared services on product development, experience design, branding, and pre-opening requirements. We are continuously seeking and cultivating new developments as we forge iconic and forward-thinking brands and remarkable experiences that build superior value. We invite you to build brands that are not just investments but also life-changing,” Parreño concluded.

According to the forecast reported by the World Travel and Tourism Council, the global tourism growth rate is expected to reach 5.8% from 2022 to 2032 versus the current rate of 2.7%. While the global travel and tourism sector is projected to return to the pre-pandemic levels by 2023, DHC believes that their strategies in business development will help the country thrive in the post-pandemic era to sustain the industry and drive more business to the country.

For more information about Discovery Hospitality Corporation and its property management services, you may visit their website at

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