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Friday, October 21, 2022

Celebrating Global Handwashing Day Hand-in-Hand and Face-to-Face

Key Milestone Reached in the Fight Against Germs

With the full reopening of face-to-face classes around the corner, Procter & Gamble’s flagship brand, Safeguard, along with its long-time partners Manila Water Foundation (MWF) and the Department of Education (DepEd), reached a breakthrough achievement by finishing the construction of 285 handwashing facilities in public schools in time for Global Handwashing Day.


These facilities bring Safeguard and MWF all that closer to their goal of having all schools in Metro Manila on track to be star-rated by DepEd’s Wash in Schools (WinS) program. In addition, Safeguard also donated products to aid in proper handwashing.


All of these were driven by Safeguard’s unyielding commitment to prioritize the health and hygiene of Filipinos, particularly school children who hold the nation’s future in their hands.



Celebrating Global Handwashing Day Hand-in-Hand and Face-to-Face 


Global Handwashing Day was all the more meaningful as the P&G Safeguard team led by Brand Director Amna Abbas, Quezon City's Vice Mayor Gian Sotto, and MWF director Reginald Andal celebrated together in Quezon City—one of the biggest beneficiaries of SAFEWash program. The celebration even had its virtual run on the MWF Facebook page where more Filipinos tuned in to learn about the importance of proper handwashing. 


In his partnership message, Aldrich Gopal, Vice President for P&G Beauty Care and Brand Operations, reminded everyone that “the threat of germs and diseases never left us, even as we move on to the new normal. The same germs can cause diseases that lead to school absences. However, with the power of a single SAFEwash, we can remove most of those diseases. So, when we make regular handwashing a part of our students’ lives, we also protect them from missing opportunities that would lead them to success in the future.”


A Continuous Journey to 100% All-Star Rating for Public Schools in the Metro

The newly constructed facilities and donations go beyond ensuring our schools are on track to becoming star-rated. They also serve as a reminder to Filipinos, especially the young ones, to cultivate a proper handwashing culture in and out of school. 


Together, let’s make it our joint mission to make every wash a SAFEwash for a safer nation. 



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