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Monday, October 17, 2022

P-pop group G22 is the face of WIKO

P-pop group G22 is not done dominating the local music scene. Their latest single “Defy” is slowly becoming an empowering anthem for fans and listeners to tap into their inner alphas.

The song is about how the members found each other and conquered obstacles together to become game-changers in the music industry. All while pursuing their “hiraya” (dreams and wishes).

“We broke our own destinies as individuals and found each other on the way and formed a pact in which we all created a new pathway with each other. We may have faced a lot of difficulties but together we can overcome whatever,” said AJ, the leader and main rapper.

G22 also wanted to inspire people to “Break the limits, break the norm and go beyond what is expected” through this track. It’s a message that many of their young fans, which they affectionately call “Bullets,” could resonate with as they go through life.

Since debuting in February this year, G22 has achieved many of their dreams already. They’ve cemented themselves as P-pop’s female alphas with successful singles, such as “BANG!” and “Babalik,” and doing electrifying live performances, including an appearance at PPOPCON 2022.

Most recently, they became one of the celebrity ambassadors of French smartphone brand WIKO.


The female alphas with an alpha brand

WIKO entered the Philippines just last June, and is one of the fastest growing smartphone brands in the market. It recently launched its new series: the French-style entertainment phone WIKO 10 known for its Klein Blue colorway, super big display, and long battery life.

The WIKO 10 enables and encourages people to unleash more and be cool in whatever they do. With its spacious storage and 50MP Triple AI Cameras, users have the opportunity to create remarkable stories and have an entertaining experience.

Just like G22, WIKO is all about starting small but dreaming big. Both are up-and-comers that continue to push the limits to deliver powerful performances paired with stylish aesthetics to Filipinos everywhere.

P-pop group G22 Whether it’s through their music or as the face of an international brand like WIKO, G22 is just getting started with spreading their empowering message. P-pop’s female alphas, as well as the alpha smartphone brand they now represent, are definitely here to stay.


G22’s “Defy” is available on all streaming platforms.


WIKO 10 is available on LazadaShopee, and at authorized WIKO stores and kiosks.’


For more information on WIKO, follow its Facebook page and the WIKOmmunity Group, and visit its official website.


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