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Saturday, October 22, 2022

Ian Veneracion stars in action series "One Good Day"

Time and time again, Ian Veneracion continuously proves he is one of the most brilliant and established artists the country has ever produced. Started out his impressive showbiz career as a child and teen actor, Ian at some point eventually became a sought-after action star in the ‘90s and early 2000s with movies such as “Zaldong Tisoy,” “Halang Ang Bituka,” “Sgt. Bobby Aguilar: Isa Lang Ang Buhay Mo,” “Ben Balasador: Akin ang Huling Alas,” “Bastardo,” “Armadong Hudas” and “Totoy Hitman,” among many others. 

Proving he is more than just that, Ian’s passion for acting flourished even more as he expanded his range from drama, romantic-comedies, horror, and suspense which Filipinos across generations have come to love.

Driven by his unmatched dedication to his craft, Ian without a doubt remains at the prime of his career. So to celebrate his four decades in the entertainment industry, Ian is all geared up for his much-anticipated return to action via Studio Three-Sixty action series “One Good Day” set to stream November 17 exclusively on Amazon Prime Video.

“This series will surprise our Filipino viewers in terms of quality. With the recent availability of current technologies; the level of image and sound quality, non-linear storytelling, creative and fast paced fight scenes, that of which, would certainly make us proud to showcase the Filipino talent in the art, and science of film making,” shared Ian.

In "One Good Day," Ian plays the role of Dale Sta. Maria, a strong-willed mobster who left the Rodrigo Organization after finding out that he has a brain tumor and that death is upon him. However, with the death of his loved ones, he is drawn out of retirement and is forced to go on a final mission before calling it a day. 

“The role requires a delicate balance of internal ‘order and chaos’ for any actor. A sensitive man, trapped in the complexity of having to embrace violence, in order to gain the peace and simplicity that ultimately is, his end goal,” Ian explained.

Making this heart-pounding series a reality is notable action director Lester Pimentel Ong – best known for “Panday,” “Lastikman,” “Imortal,” “La Luna Sangre,” “Indio” and “Bagani,” to name a few.

“It gives me great pride to be creating action content for the region – something that I feel is critical to grow the industry. I am fortunate to be doing this with Ian, who is not only a brilliant actor, but also a martial artist and an athlete – a true professional who has given Studio Three Sixty his trust,” Direk Lester enthused.

Joining Ian in the star-studded cast of “One Good Day” are Rabiya Mateo as Sandra, Andrea Torres as Alex Sandoval, Aljur Abrenica as Kyzer Catillo, Justin Cuyugan as Roman Rodrigo, Nicole Cordoves as Anne Rodrigo, Pepe Herrera as Joey Rodrigo, Robert Seña as Atty. Bobby Miclat and Menchu Lauchengco-Yulo as Gloria Marquez.

Also with them in this six-episode series are equally amazing talents Claire Ruiz as Mayor Beatrice Marquez, Louise Abuel as Lucky, Joe Vargas as Agent Renz Cruz, Marela Torre as Agent Kona, Lance Pimentel as Lando, and Pontri Bernardo as Governor Paulo Simon. 

A story about family, love, greed and power in the beautiful dark backdrop of kingmakers in the Philippines, stream “One Good Day” on Amazon Prime Video beginning November 17, 2022 with new episodes dropping every Thursdays.


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