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Tuesday, July 2, 2024

BDO Life Study Reveals Financial Priorities: 47% Focus on Daily Expenses, 49% Seek Life Insurance for Health Protection

A recent market study conducted by BDO Life Assurance Company, Inc. uncovered that 47% of respondents prioritize daily living expenses, though 49% express a strong desire to acquire life insurance for protection from sickness and health issues, and 41% from accidents, disability, and death.

Filipinos should not let the uncertainty about life insurance costs prevent them from getting the coverage they need. BDO Life has launched Get A Quote (GAQ), an online tool that enables them to receive a personalized insurance plan computation and understand the benefits of life insurance.


Here's how to use BDO Life’s Get A Quote:

• Visit BDO Life’s website ( and click on “Get a Quote” to explore insurance solutions aligned with customers’ financial priorities.
• By specifying an amount they can comfortably afford, they can instantly receive a quote for a tailored insurance plan for themselves or their loved ones.
• Once ready to speak to a BDO Life Financial Advisor, customers can indicate their preferred mode of communication (in-person or virtual) and their location.


Get a quote now by visiting policyholders can access BDO Life's customer portal, a comprehensive platform for managing all aspects of their individual life insurance policy. They can simply log in to the customer portal at using their active BDO Online App login information.

Start your Plan B Journey with BDO Life. BDO Life recently launched an online tool, Get A Quote (GAQ), to enable Filipinos to get a computation for a personalized insurance plan. Get a quote now by visiting



Sa buhay, walang extra life. As part of its education campaign on the value of life insurance, BDO Life recently launched its newest TVC which takes inspiration from a video game. It highlights that unlike in a video game, there is no “extra life” to be earnedin real life. Watch here

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