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Tuesday, July 2, 2024

Eng Bee Tin celebrates the first ever National Hopia Day!

Be there for the  first ever National Hopia Day in the Philippines on July 19-21 at the Mall of Asia Music Hall!  

The celebration is in commemoration of the Filipino-Chinese heritage and how hopia has become the symbol of the friendship and culture between two countries. 

Eng Bee Tin, the premiere manufacturing brand behind hopia’s popularity in the Philippines, is the main proponent of this celebration. Eng Bee Tin is now on its 112th year of serving this staple to Filipinos from all walks of life and as such, and has become synonymous to delicious, world-class hopia flavors,  sought out by Filipinos all over the world. 

Today, hopia, in all its forms, stands as a delicious testament to the successful blending of Chinese and Filipino culinary traditions. It remains a staple in Filipino snacking culture, proudly crafted by Filipinos for Filipinos. 

At the National Hopia Day, Eng Bee Tin wants to celebrate what hopia truly represents -- family, culture, and food.

Gerik Chua, Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Eng Bee Tin, believes that the story of hopia demonstrates how food can bring cultures together, creating something new and beloved that honors diverse origins. 

He said, “from its humble beginnings as a Chinese immigrant food to its status as a Filipino cultural icon, hopia's journey reflects the rich tapestry of cultural exchange and innovation. That’s why we feel that the time for hopia to be celebrated in a grand manner has long been overdue.” 

His younger sister Roche Chua who is Eng Bee Tin’s finance manager, said, “we will tell the story of hopia using the National Hopia Day as backdrop. We will honor the stories woven into each bite. We will pay tribute to the enduring bonds of family, our shared culture, and the comfort of its familiar flavors.” 

They promised all sorts of fun and excitement and star sightings come July 19-21 including lots of games and suprises for every member of the family. There will also be lots of prizes to be won, they said, including a one year supply of Eng Bee Tin products.

See you on July 19-21 at the Mall of Asia Music Hall for the 1st ever National Hopia Day!

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