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Monday, March 20, 2017

Landers Superstore to open in Pasig and Muntinlupa

Inspired by the increase in spending power of Filipinos and the year on year growth in retail, Landers Superstore, the country’s fastest growing membership shopping establishment, recently announced its plans to expand to the southern and eastern part of Metro Manila.

Backed by thorough research and the success of the first two superstores, Landers Superstore is poised to take advantage of the rapid developments in Pasig and Muntinlupa Cities.

Two Landers Superstore outlets will be opened in these areas, as confirmed by Atty. Lowell Yu, chairman of Southeast Asia Retail Inc., which recently formalized an agreement with Megaworld Corporation, the developer behind ArcoVia City along C5 in Pasig and Alabang West in Muntinlupa City. The expansion, he explained, will provide residents from these two townships and from neighboring areas with an exclusive one-stop shop where they can find a complete array of their everyday lifestyle needs.

“The retail industry has been growing exponentially, propelled by the steady increase in the spending power of Filipinos specifically towards household consumption expenditures. These factors, plus the strategic locations where we are setting up, made us decide to expand our investment in this category,” added Yu. In the second quarter of 2016, the company launched the first Landers Superstore in Balintawak, Quezon City, followed by another three-hectare store in Paco, Manila. 

Given the overwhelming response from the first two Landers Superstores, Yu is optimistic that the new superstores will have a positive reception. “It’s all about giving our members better value for their money.  As members, they have access to products and brands that are not available elsewhere in a setting that lets them shop minus the stress, the long lines, and tight grocery area. Many of our members bring the entire family to our store because the spacious layout makes shopping really convenient and enjoyable. This way, we also promote family bonding.”

With an average of 10,000 square meter vast space per outlet, Landers Superstore takes pride in having well-lit and spacious aisles packed with an assortment of goods, including a wide range of imported products coming from as far as the US, Canada, and Australia and high-quality local and exclusive brands.

From food and other grocery items to  furniture, appliances, and even hardware products,  Landers Superstore houses a range of treasure finds including Badia Spices, Mercer’s Wine Ice Cream, Double Rainbow—which is the best Gourmet Ice cream in San Francisco—Luvo (easy-to-cook health food), Every Man Jack, and President’s Choice products, to mention a few.

Landers Superstore is also the first membership superstore in the Philippines to have a cozy coffee shop, Doppio; a comfortable diner, Landers Central; and a delectable bakery, Dough & Co. The superstore also provides a lavish dining area where members can enjoy a delicious New York Pizza, chicken, hotdogs, bagels, fancy cakes, and pastries while taking a break from shopping.

Waiting husbands and kids can also get their own pampering in Landers’ very own barbershop (Talas Manileño in Landers Balintawak and Federal Barbers in Landers Otis). Plus, exclusively for members, Landers Superstore also offers year-long gasoline discounts from its very own gasoline station, Caltex.

For more information, visit Landers Superstore at 1240 EDSA Balintawak, Apolonio Samson, Quezon City or Landers Superstore - Otis at 1890 Paz Guazon St., Paco, Manila. You can also check them out at

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