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Friday, March 3, 2017

Lose weight to gain health with Capsinesis

What do James Yap, girlfriend Michelle Cazzola, Ara Mina, Edu Manzano, Rita Avila, Roxanne Barcelo, Kitkat, Aubrey Miles,  Troy Montero, Maria Isabel Lopez, Evangeline Pascual and Nonie Buencamino have in common?

Answer:  They the value of good health and  exercise to stay fit. 

They’re also brand ambassadors of Capsinesis, a natural food supplement whose main ingredient, cayenne pepper, helps in losing weight and gaining health.

Rita says it promotes faster metabolism and weight  loss.  In his Instagram post, Edu describes Capsinesis as “your weight loss partner.” Roxanne takes two capsules when working out in the gym with boyfriend Will Devaughn.

That’s because the six to 10 chili peppers (equivalent to 500 mg)  in each capsule, along with green tea and wild berries join forces to burn fat faster than usual.

Coach Jim Saret, who heads FIT Filipino Movement, which aims to make one million Filipinos fit, says that Capsinesis, combined with healthy diet and exercise, works four ways.
It boosts your metabolism (fat burner)
It crashes food cravings (appetite suppressant)
It cleanses your body (antioxidant)
It helps you train better and longer

”You can take it before  working out,” he says. “This way, you induce sweating faster.  When you’re sweating, your metabolism moves up. You can even mix it with your favorite protein shake,” Saret adds.

It also fast tracks urine rate and bowel movement, thereby cleansing the body even further.
The brand ambassadors not only look good, because their skin glows and they have enviable figures.  Thanks to diet, exercise and regular intake of Capsinesis,  they feel good inside.
Here’s why:
They have more serotonin, which keeps their spirits up and lets them sleep better
Their blood circulation is better
They’re less prone to heart attack
They can ward off headache,  pain from migraine and arthritis, hemorrhoids, heartburn and peptic ulcer
They can control their blood sugar level
They can fight convulsions, epilepsy, and aging

For details, check out Capsinesis’ Be Hot Stay Hot FB page and the Capsinesis Healthy Transformation support group.

Capsinesis is available at Mercury and Watsons drug stores, SM department stores, South Star Drug, Rose Pharmacy and Three Sixty.

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