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Monday, March 6, 2017

Readers Digest Trusted Brands (RDTB) Awards adds 6 new categories

For nearly two decades, the Readers Digest Trusted Brands (RDTB) Awards honored the brands, companies and services that consumers believe in the most.

This year, as the market continues to become more diverse, the Trusted Brands survey adds six new categories to reflect the changing habits of the consumers and to give recognition to the brands they support.

Among the new categories are Bakery/Pastry Shop; Dog Food; Remittance Center; Pawn shop; Coffee Shop/ Café; and Optical Shop.

“For the past 19 years, the Reader's Digest has approached ordinary consumers to ask their opinions on what brands of products and services are important to them.  The addition of these new categories is a reflection of how the market has changed and to acknowledge the new brands,” said Sheron White, ‎Reader's Digest ‎Group Advertising and Retail Sales Director for Asia-Pacific.

“All these years of research experience has given us the confidence to dissect precisely what features a trusted brand must possess in order to maintain relevance and purpose for Asian consumers,” White added.

Trust is an emotion that fuels our decision whether we are conscious of it or not. It is that intangible quality that signals reliability and integrity. Whether it is a product or service, trust is what reassures us that we are making the right choice. It has become such a “high-value” currency that far outweighs the value of any monetary conversion.

Trust is that one factor that remains constant. Once trust is established, it becomes an instinctive response – the consumer buys the brand without so much as a second thought because they can relate to it as "their" brand.   A trusted brand enjoys international appeal, yet at the same time upholds a strong local connection and has become a part of the countries’ culture.

It’s the one crucial element that consumers rely on for their final decision--and with the widespread ubiquity of the internet and social media, the importance of establishing a good reputation has only become more pronounced.

Cost, quality and popularity are all important factors for consumers and as new products constantly enter the market, it is vital for a brand to stay true to its promises. Marketing campaigns may draw the attention of the consumer and catch their fancy, but the products that make it to their homes are still the ones they believe in the most.

“Trust is the ultimate vote of confidence and the mark of a Trusted Brand fosters loyalty and a relationship that goes far beyond price, trends and marketing campaigns,” she pointed out.

Now on its 19th year, Reader’s Digest, one of the longest running print publications in the world, will again honor the products and services that Filipinos trust most. The Trusted Brands 2017 Awards ceremony will be held on March 7, 2017 at the ballroom B of the Marco Polo Hotel in Ortigas, Pasig.

Ms. Sheron White, will be personally awarding the trophies to the winners.

For the 2017 Trusted Brand Survey, Readers Digest has commissioned global market research company CATALYST to survey a representative sample of people in the Philippines about the companies they truly believe. The survey covers 50 categories of products and services across a wide range of industries.

Approximately 8,000 individuals were selected across 5 of Asia’s key markets such as the Philippines, HongKong, Malaysia, Singapore and Taiwan.

In the Philippines, 1200 Filipino consumers were surveyed, these respondents were composed of Readers Digest subscribers and residents selected to reflect the demographics of the general population.

Each respondent was required to complete a questionnaire via an online survey.  Queried participants are to mention the name of their most trusted brands and then rate each of brands listed based the following six attributes: Trustworthiness, Credibility, Quality, Value, Understanding of Customer Needs, Innovation and Social Responsibility.  This year the awards will be presented in each of the 50 categories.

GOLD Trusted Brands Awards – will be given to brands that scored significantly higher than their rivals.

PLATINUM Trusted Brands Awards – will be given to brands that performed exceptionally, winning their category with a score that vastly outpolled their nearest competitor.

ASIA TRUSTED Brand Awards will be given to a brand that wins the Reader's Digest Trusted Brand award in the same category for at least three countries surveyed.

Special awards will also be given out to the Most Trusted TV News Presenter; Radio Presenter; Entertainment Presenter as well as Marketing Excellence Awards.

Recipients of the Trusted Brand awards will receive given a Trophy and will be allowed to use the globally recognized Trusted Brand Logo in their marketing collaterals and merchandising materials.

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