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Saturday, March 18, 2017

Aiko Melendez plays villain in "Wildflower"

Aiko Melendez plays a meanie in Wildflower, her latest television outing. But did you know that Aiko prays before and after facing the camera?

Aiko who is a mother of two beautiful kids, Andrei and Marthena says, she snaps out of her character the moment the director shouts "cut."

“I am Christian, so I always pray, ‘Lord, role lang po ito.  Make me effective without sacrificing my real being and attitude,” she says.

Aiko prays that her character, the politically powerful Emilia Ardiente-Torillo, who doesn’t mind committing bloody murder to protect the family reputation, stays on the set.

She also knows that Maja Salvador’s (the lead female protagonist/antagonist Lily Cruz) fans are cursing her on Twitter.  “As the villain, I’m expecting the worst,” she laughs. And she loves getting meaner by the day.

Aiko knows her character inside out.  What she discovered about Emilia moved her to pity. Emilia according to Aiko is a victim of circumstances, a woman pushed to the wall because of things beyond her control.

“I understand where her attitude is coming from,” Aiko says.

Aiko is all praises for her co-actors. "I love my Wildflower team." She admires how Maja attacks her role and her dedication to her job.

“Working with her makes me so excited.  She’s the best in her generation.  Maja delivers, and her acting nuances are great!” gushes Aiko.

Wildflower airs right after Minute to Win It on ABS CBN.

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