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Monday, August 11, 2014

TW Steel gives you the best of both worlds, for slim or oversized watch

Who says you need to choose between a slim or an oversized watch? TW Steel gives you the best of both worlds, and introduces the newest addition to its roster of bold and elegant timepieces, the TW Steel Slim Collection

There’s no doubt that the renowned Dutch brand TW Steel is constantly innovating and carving a niche for itself in the watchmaking industry. Known for being a giant in the oversized watch market, TW Steel raises the bar by creating a new concept — a dressier, slicker oversized watch that bodes well with crisp white shirts and perfectly tailored suits.

“I think it was important for us, as a brand, to be able to offer a collection of models that are more directly suited for formal, business or dress attire,” stated TW Steel’s Chief Design Officer, Ton Cobelens. “In order to do that, a slim watch was the only option as functionality becomes a priority for the wearer, in particular the need to have a timepiece that fits well on the wrist and equally under a shirt.”

The Slim Line range is comprised of 10 executions, available only in 45mm dimension, with either steel or A-grade PVD rose gold plated cases. All models utilize a Miyota 1S13 slim movement housed in a case which features a shine finish, adding an additional visual appeal to these sleek and slender pieces.

The TW1300 to TW1305 models sport a stylish turn edge leather croco-print strap, with the familiar two dots amended in position and size slightly in keeping with the slender design.

The TW1306 and TW 1307, on the other hand, feature steel bracelets while TW1308 and TW1309 are presented with steel bracelets resplendent in A-grade PVD rose gold plating.

All models in the Slim Line Collection are embellished with sapphire crystals, while additional highlights of the new range include the use of sunray dials, with matching hands and numbers, all with a shine finish in keeping with the cases. Championing both form and function, each model is also 5 ATM water resistant.

In this new collection, TW Steel clearly proves that a slim and oversized watch is not an oxymoron as a fashion statement. It eloquently challenges what a regular watch should be, and should look like. Why just be an oversized watch when you can also couple it with a slim strap, and take on a more formal look?

Friends of TW Steel Sebastian Ripoll, James Younghusband and Nico – TW Steel Global Marketing Manager, with Ivan Yao and Alan Dacanay – TWS Asia’s Managing Director

With this in mind, the Slim Line Collection’s grand entrance in Manila is set to the #WhyNotBoth theme, a campaign that highlights three personalities in the social scene who have successfully balanced a multifaceted life.

Nico Bolzico, a successful and well-traveled economist, also doubles as a polo aficionado when he’s not dressed in his bespoke suits. Sebastian Ripoll, an accomplished strength and conditioning coach, also works as a producer for a documentary series with ABS-CBN called Team U. James Younghusband, on the other hand, is a celebrated football player and right midfielder for the Philippine Azkals, and also spearheads the Younghusband Football Academy.

Bolzico, Ripoll, and Younghusband lead very vibrant lives, and are each committed to not only living out their dreams, but also making sure that they share that with others as well. They embody the qualities that the Slim Line Collection espouses — that there is no either or, but simply, a delicate balancing act. Are there any signs of them slowing down? Slim chance.


Nico Bolzico had been traveling for five years doing macro-economic analyses in different emerging countries like Angola, Ghana, Mozambique, Ethiopia, Portugal, and Trinidad and Tobago. The Philippines was his first stop in Southeast Asia, and what was supposed to be a six-month project became a full-fledged agribusiness developer corporation, LM10.

“LM10 is an extension of our company in Argentina,” Bolzico shared, “My father had advised that we can contribute here to make the agriculture sector more efficient.” Since its beginnings in February 2012, Bolzico went on to several provinces in the country and is already well-versed with the Filipino culture. His projects are scattered all over the country with some in Cagayan de Oro, Tarlac, General Santos, Bulacan, and Camarines Sur. “We go to those places and we get to know the country better. It’s not the tourist side that everyone knows,” he said. An example of LM10’s joint ventures is Siembra Directa Corp, which has paved the way for the first mechanized corn planting in Isabela.

“The most rewarding aspect is collaborating with the farmers, and then seeing the job done,” Bolzico said. Although there’s no regular work day for him, he relishes in the fact that he gets to have the perfect mix of field work in CDO, or office work at the Fort.

When he’s not busy with work, Bolzico makes time for one of his other passions: playing polo. He credits his love of polo to his brother, who introduced the sport to him two years ago in Buenos Aires. He played once, twice, and on the third time, he developed a keen interest in it and sought to play it regularly with family and friends. But the beginnings of polo, Bolzico said, roots back to his childhood. He had been riding horses at the tender age of three, thanks to their family farm in Argentina.

“I love the rush of adrenaline that playing polo gives me,” Bolzico said. He also mentions that polo is a way to bring people together, and to establish a common ground for new friends.

Asked if he ever had to struggle with having to choose one over the other, Bolzico calmly replies: “You need to mix it up because no extreme is good. You can’t just work or just have fun. Balance is the key to everything.”


A former University of the Philippines football player, Sebastian Ripoll was drawn to sports from an early age. “My family’s always been into sports,” Ripoll said, “Even my brother became a football coach.” From high school all the way to his university years, Ripoll was always involved in athletic teams, and even tried out a number of individual sports. Little did he know, though, that he was starting a life-long affinity for it, and would eventually share this dream with a wider audience.

Ripoll pursued his love of sports by finishing with a sports science degree from UP. He went on to teach at his alma mater, and is now a strength and conditioning coach and a consultant for the Department of Education. Adding to his impressive resume is his ongoing project with fellow producers Piolo Pascual and Gerald Anderson, the documentary series Team U. The show, which airs on ABS-CBN Sports + Action, highlights the efforts of public schools in creating world-class sports programs for the youth.

“Our target population when we started was mostly college students, but we saw that the greater need was in the public schools, especially the younger ones,” Ripoll stated. He stressed that apart from adding to the holistic development of the child, research over the years have shown that sports and arts programs are indispensable to excellent academics.

“It’s about contextualizing the academic curriculum and having sports on parallel ground,” Ripoll said, “so being a coach is not only an add-on to a program, but a coach is now equal to a faculty member.” His advocacy spearheads the professionalization of coaching, and putting sports in a league of its own. Team U espouses this philosophy, and works to raise the visibility on the need for quality sports education around the country.

When asked which profession he likes the most — that of an educator, coach, or a producer — Ripoll chuckled lightheartedly and replied, “it’s hard to pick! It’s like having three kids.” Despite his hectic schedule, he finds time to play football, teach, and produce his show. He advised that it’s okay to juggle different things at the same time, because when he needs it the most, all the new skills he learned from his different jobs come into play.


James Younghusband has been a household name for several years now. He’s on the pages of glossy magazines, on billboards dotting the long stretches of highways, and of course, on the televised football games when he’s leading the Philippine Azkals to victory. Growing up in England, it seemed only logical that he would learn to love football. With a father who was a huge football fan, and a brother who equally loved the sport, James would be a regular at their local football club, and would always play at their nearby park. It could be said that he grew into it by osmosis.

“The thing I love most about football is that it’s a team game,” Younghusband said, “In other sports you can rely on one or two star players, but in football, everyone needs to work together well.” Being honored as captain of the Philippine national team, and leading his teammates into the field with the Philippine national anthem playing in the stadium is his proudest moment in his football career.

It’s not enough that he brought glory to the country by putting the national team on the international spotlight; Younghusband is also the director of The Younghusband Football Academy. With his brother Phil, and his business partners Cathy Nazareno-Rivilla and Jojo Durian, James created the academy to nurture young and aspiring football players.

“What inspires me most in the academy is the kids,” he shared, “players like me are going to get older one day, so you have to keep the kids playing as much as you can.” For him, the academy is a way to share his love of the game to other kids. Apart from that, it also gives him a different perspective in the sport — he gets to be a coach. Although being a player is physically exhausting, being a coach can be mentally taxing as well. Younghusband said that it gives him the chance to grow in the sport, and that it would be a profession he sees himself committing to in the long run.

“It’s a great feeling when you coach kids and you see them smile when they take your advice and get better at it,” he said. He becomes animated when talking about the academy, and his passion for the sport — whether it’s through coaching or playing —clearly translates to his success.

TW Steel is available at the following TW Steel Boutiques (The Podium, Marquee Mall, Shangri-La Plaza, SM Mega Fashion Hall, SM Aura Premier, Century City Mall, SM City North Edsa), Lucerne, Chronos, Swissgear, WristPod, Adora, and Le Temps.

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