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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Where science becomes fun at the Exploreum

SM Lifestyle Entertainment presents the new EXPLOREUM!

Back in high school my favorite subject is science,  I was fascinated with the process of experimentation, test tubes with dark colored water, how a certain thing will work with the help of sun, water or electricity. I was in awe everytime I discovered something, that I became experimental with the things that I encountered in my daily existence.  I learned to drive at the age of 16, touched a live wire at the age of 14 (by accident),  fixed an old electric fan and learned to change the flourescent bulb my way. I guess our lives revolve around curiosity that relates to science.

Last August 15, 2014 SM Lifestyle Entertainment, Inc launches the new Exploreum at SM Moa, and I was among the lucky ones who get to see how science becomes fun and exciting at the same time. The museum offers 118 child-friendly all-new interactive exhibits and over 100 interesting nuggets of information situated in eight major interactive galleries namely the Natural World, Human Adventure, Zoom, Connect, Cyberville, Space Camp, the Living Earth, and Science Park.

Science On a Sphere (SOS)

This is what will greet you the moment you enter the Exploreum,  “Science on a Sphere” or SOS, is a six-foot digital globe developed by the US government’s National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) as an educational tool to help illustrate Earth science.  Exploreum houses the first and only SOS in the country.

The Planetarium
Second stop:  The Planetarium, I remember there was an old planetarium at Rizal Park, this is by far the coldest, biggest ONLY full dome theatre with a 158 seater that has 180-degree digital screen and advanced audio-visual system. The planetarium offers various shows, and soon will showcase three-dimensional visuals in its theatre.

The NidoFortified Science Area

Trip down memory lane, exhibit area houses this vintage television, which reminds me of the same model we had back in the elementary days. There is no remote control then, kids. This vintage radio reminds me of my grandfather who used to listen to  AM news.

Trivia: Radio waves travel so much faster than sound waves that a broadcast voice can be heard sooner 18,000 km away than in the back of the room in which it originated.

A trivia says that the average car has 30,000 parts. This is located at the Zoom area ground floor, find out how transportation shaped our lives.

Bicycle Powered Bulb

This plasma ball is located at the Discovery Room 2nd floor. You will get to experiment everything by yourself.

Science is fun and that’s what we want our guests to experience at The Exploreum. ” said Nicole Deato, Assistant Vice President for the Educational and Leisure Centers of SMLEI.

 EXPLOREUM will be holding bi-monthly experiments to be facilitated by credible members of the academe from its partner schools as well as a traveling exhibit in select SM Supermalls across the country.

The Exploreum also launched its Junior Science Club, an exclusive membership that gives unlimited access to the EXPLOREUM and to various activities such as experiments and other edutainment sessions.

Field trips will never be the same again, as students will never get bored with EXPLOREUM.

Here are the ongoing admission rates:

Gallery Only Php 250
Planetarium Only Php 150
Quarterly Exhibit Php 100
Weekly Experiments Php 300
Children’s Gallery Php 250/3Hrs
Junior Science Club Php 1,000
Extra Planetarium Show Php 100

Gallery + (1) One Planetarium Show Php 350
Gallery + (1) One Planetarium Show + Weekly Experiment Php 500
Gallery + Experiment Php 400
(1) One Planetarium + Experiment Php 350

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