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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

What inspires the Pharmaton Life Chargers

The Pharmaton Life Chargers

Someone from Pharmaton asked me , the moment I signed up the media list. What inspires me. My answer was the lifestyle that I am living in. I dont smoke and drink.  I am not 100% healthy as I may say, but Im working on it.  My laboratory workups are normal to start with. My blood pressure is in the borderline. My passion for eating healthy (fruits, juicingvegetables and fish) lead me to have a better life. I should say that Im taking my vitamin supplements too,  to balance everything that my body needed.  I am now including Pharmaton to my supplements.

Pharmaton recently launched  the Life Chargers to the media last August 18, 2014 at the Bahia Room,  Hotel Intercontinental Manila The event was hosted by Gelli Victor. She was joined by ambassadors, Hindy Weber Tantoco, Anthony Suntay, Maxie Abad, Michelle Ressa Aventajado and Chef Rob Pengson. These life chargers are people who live a life of inspiration, passion and commitment. They inspire me to try harder and not give up,  to have that energy to live each day and create a positive change.

Multivitamins + Minerals + Deanol + Ginseng Extract (Pharmaton) recognizes people who are inspired by their passion to create a positive change in the country and wishes to support them and promote their undertaking.

Hindy Weber Tantoco, the fashion icon that she is and a mother of four is a Pharmaton Life Charger. She owns the Holy Carabao Farms and is living a holistic way of life.  I love that she is into organic food and farming. It shows in her skin the glow and she is not aging a bit. Through her involvement in organic food and farming, others can feel better inward because of the food they eat. She advised to not wait for someone to get sick, know our food, because food is life.  She is taking Pharmaton for 6 months now.

Maxie Abad is another Life Charger, who started playing football at the age of 6. Sports teaches him the ways of life. He is a lawyer, a triathlete, a former player of the Philippine National Football Team and founder of Manila Soccer Academy. Maxie is inspired whenever he sees the kids of MSA having fun on the field. The words “Passion for football” are sewn in the jerseys of MSA coaches. Maxie coined these words to inspire the kids when they train. He believes that when one is inspired, passion will come and everyday one can find something that ignites it.

Michelle Ressa Aventajado is a blogger, contributing writer, yoga teacher and an advocate for special children. Her 4th child is suffering from Down Syndrome. She has been a strong supporter for the well-being of children with special needs, as she has one herself. She works with organizations, such as Best Buddies, that promote the inclusion of special kids through one-to-one friendships. Her children and her husband are her greatest inspiration.  Her daughter empowers her to stand up for what is right in this world and to gently point out what is wrong. Her blog is called Momma ‘N Manila and documents her journey and adventures. She becomes a lot less judgmental. She advised that always be sensitive to someone's feelings and be aware of your language when dealing with others. She advised on how to get enough sleep, eat well and take supplements. She is attending yoga classes.

Chef Rob Pengson is a popular chef  and TV personality. He studied Culinary Arts in San Francisco. He admits that he did not excel in academics back when he was studying. His passion is the love for cooking. He presently owns and is the Head Chef of the award-winning restaurant, The Goose Station in Bonifacio Global City. He recently started the Epicurean Lab, the culinary science department of Global Culinary & Hospitality Academy in order to promote modern gastronomy to the local restaurant industry.  He hopes that when young chefs see his passion, learn of his failures and successes, they too will get inspired no matter what life throws at them.

Rounding off the Life Chargers is Anthony Suntay. He is a sportscaster, journalist, radio host and events host. He is a familiar TV sports personality, often seen and heard in major sporting events. Most notably, Anthony is the first Filipino International Sportscaster. His passion and determination for his craft allowed him to break through barriers and penetrate an industry dominated by English and Australian sportscasters in the region. For Anthony, no one inspires him more than his children. They are what drives him to work hard and push forward. Next to this, Anthony is inspired by the athletes who has compassion to their craft. His advice is you have to love the sport and get a good command of the language, passion and skill.

 The Life Chargers acknowledged the boost in energy that they get from Pharmaton, giving them the lasting energy to live out their passions and stay committed to their visions. They likewise expressed their appreciation with Pharmaton for giving recognition to their work and their desire for positive change.

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