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Friday, October 27, 2017

Grohe presents an OktoberFEAST for the Senses

GROHE, the global leader in luxury bathroom fittings and fixtures in partnership with Wilcon Depot, the country's leading home improvement and construction supply retailer, took guests on a visual, aural and culinary journey last weekend as it presented the GROHE OKTOBERFEAST FOR THE SENSES at the BGC Amphitheatre last October 20, 2017.

It was a unique  sensory experience for guests as the  high-end German brands installed several exhibits from morning to midnight. The event started with a tempting indulgence of German food, products and fun.

Grohe is known worldwide for its innovative German design and precision technology. Grohe Oktoberfeast for the Senses offered an extravagant experience that will make you want to change your bathroom as your personal space for the most satisfying showering experience. 

During the event, Grohe revealed two of its most game-changing products that have won accolades and patrons the world over; Aquasymphony Luxury Shower that is designed to transform the concept of showering into ultimate luxury SPA experience and Sensia Arena Spalet Shower Toilet that is created to maximize personal comfort and hygiene through gentle and smart cleaning.Adding up excitement and enjoyment, ABS-CBN Philharmonic Orchestra performed the finest and most loved German classical music and arias under the baton of Maestro Gerard Salonga with soprano Lara Maigue, and DJ Hannah Ichiko played with the beat that filled the night of chill music. The event feast was hosted by Tessa Prieto-Valdes.

Grohe has also shown support to the four Filipino finalists heading to the World Architecture Festival in Berlin by showcasing these shortlisted projects at the event in collaboration with BluPrint. The four finalists are Jorge Yulo Architects & Associates, Leandro V. Locsin Partners and Eriksson Furunes, Visionary Architecture and WTA Architecture and Design Studio.

AquaSymphony--the most luxurious shower in the world

AquaSymphony embodies ultimate relaxation. Being the perfect fusion between latest SPA technologies and digital innovations, it transforms the present concept of showering into the ultimate luxury SPA experience. AquaSymphony blends the most exclusive natural and man-made SPA environments into one holistic shower experience for all the senses. With its impressive size of the 1016mm x 762mm, it creates an interplay of water that exhilarates and renews you.

An AquaCurtain of water droplets falls on you, drawing you into a dreamlike state of being. The Light Curtain of rainbow coloured lights provides soothing chromotherapy with a personalised light show, whilst a variety of different sprays allows water to cascade onto your skin creating wonderful sensations. The Waterfall XL Sprays, an extra-wide water outlet, creates the sensation of a waterfall. The Bokoma Sprays, eight dynamically pulsating spray nozzles, deliver the sensation of a stimulating fingertip massage. The Rain Spray delivers very large and soft droplets for a luxurious shower feel. With its cool, fine mist, the Drizzle Spray rejuvenates your skin. The Pure Spray provides straight-falling water, rinsing away stress like a clear mountain spring. Additionally, the Gentle Steam is an optional luxury feature for your personal SPA, invoking the relaxing feeling of a detoxifying steam bath for a calm and soothing experience.

The highly-advanced sound system is another smart optional feature that mixes your personal favourite music with the sound of splashing water. The F-digital Deluxe base unit box can be connected with an Apple or Android mobile device, allowing you to use the GROHE SPA App for perfect control of light, sound and steam. These amazing technological features can help you enjoy your shower in new dimensions.

With numerous raffles, prizes and surprises, Oktoberfeast for the Senses was definitely an awesome experience. Oktoberfeast for the Senses was supported by Hugo Boss Fragrances, Make Up Factory and Brotzeit.

Discover your favorite GROHE product, which can be yours for the basking at 40% off! Imagine many other select GROHE items, from hand showers to shower systems, fixtures and fittings, individually tagged at 5%, 20%, and 30% less! This is the perfect time to get soaked in luxury! Promo duration from October 1 to November 30, 2017, exclusively available in Wilcon Depot stores. Per DTI-FTEB Permit No. 11092, Series of 2017.

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