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Sunday, November 26, 2017

6 Reasons why U-GO will be the prefered ride sharing app next year

Call me an old fashioned Tita but despite the popularity of  Uber or a Grab, i rarely book a ride with them and only do so when I am really in a hurry or if i have an early flight and have luggage to carry. But during  ordinary days, when Im not with my partner, I still  prefer the UVExpress, MRT and LRT although I'm now having second thoughts after all those accidents.

The reason why I've been so afraid of taxis or even these ride sharing was because of an  incident that happened during the late 90s (see Im tita like that) when a taxi driver raped and killed his passenger and threw her body in a remote area in Pampanga, the story was even made into a movie. This got me scared and is the reason why I dont want to ride a taxi alone.

Plus, I have a hard time opening up myself for a conversation with a complete stranger. With all the horrors you read in the internet, I have this trust issue with  drivers.

That's why when my  partner is not driving  for me, Id rather ride the  FX, UVexpress or squeeze my way inside the jampacked MRT/LRT. Somehow being with lots of strangers feels much safer than being stuck alone with a driver.  Plus, with the traffic nowadays, the only choice for you to get into your destination for 30 minutes is the MRT/LRT route.

I dont know, but when I book an UBER or a Grab, my stress level goes up. I think i've even developed an anxiety attack. Its either the driver is 5 to 10 minutes away from you, the worst time I waited for a driver was 45 minutes in BGC. It ruined my day, because I didnt cancel him for fear of not getting to book the next time I need them.

I am just glad that there is an upcoming  U-Go, the first Filipino-owned car sharing application by Philippines Transportation Network Organization (PTNO).  U-Go which  aims to protect its passengers through a unique SOS feature built within the app. Another advantage is that its because its developed by Filipinos, it addresses the common problems of the drivers and operators promising  a lower commission rate per trip.

Here are six reasons why I think U-GO will be the prefered ride sharing app when it launches next year.

   L-R John Codorniz, Technical operations Chief U-Go, Norman Castillo,       Chairman U-Go and Mitch Matias of PTNO

Lower system charge—Grab and Uber usually charge a 20 percent system fee to the driver for using the app. U-Go said it will only be charging 10 percent per ride.

 U-Go said it would be implementing a more attainable incentive system so that drivers wouldn’t be forced to choose passengers or drive even longer hours to reach the quota.

Fairer Fares: U-Go fare system is based on the regular taxi system and while there will also be surges during rush hours, the company assured it wouldn’t reach unreasonable or astronomical fares.

On Route Pickups: For part timer partners, the U-Go system can detect whether you are going to work or home and will only assign you passengers that are enroute to your destination.

Book via Text: Another unique feature of the app is that it allows you to book a ride via SMS so even if you have no data or wifi signal you can still book a ride.
Scheduled rides: This feature allows you to book for family members and schedule the time of their pickups.

SOS Alert : Perhaps the most unique feature of U-Go and most important as well is the SOS function. To make sure that both passenger and rider are always safe, there will be an SOS button on the app which passenger or rider can tap to alert nearby police that they are in danger and give the authorities their coordinates.

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