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Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Christmas is all Lit at Ortigas Malls

I used to bring my kids to Greenhills for the traditional christmas display at COD. It was the most awesome display ever then.  Now that they are grown ups, they repeat the same to their kids. That's why I associate COD with Greenhills.  It was the most anticipated christmas tradition during the holiday season.

This holiday season Greenhills Shopping Center, Ortigas & Company unveils Greenhills Christmas Village for the kids and the kid at heart. The event was graced by San Juan City officials led by San Juan Mayor Ms.Guia Gomez and Vice Mayor Janella Ejercito Estrada 

Greenhills Shopping Center, Ortigas & Company’s shopping, entertainment, and dining destination in San Juan, is set to resemble a brightly-lit and beguiling Christmas Village at the unveiling ceremony of the Greenhills Christmas Village on November 8, 2017.

The Christmas Village is one of the many reasons why Christmas Shines Bright at Ortigas Malls.

But beyond the glitter and festive air, Christmas at Ortigas Malls is about shared experiences which is the essence of the season. It is best seen in the joy and camaraderie derived from families and communities coming together to hear mass during Simbang Gabi, partake of Christmas staples like bibingka and puto bumbong, and observe traditions that strongly define us as Filipinos.

“We at Ortigas & Company take pride in Greenhills Shopping Center being the metro’s first shopping complex. Its rich history includes being widely regarded as a must-stop destination for tourists, foreign dignimes’ and celebrities throngh the years,” says Arch. Renee Bacani, Ortigas & Company’s Vice President.

A proud witness to memories for many generations as much as it keeps abreast with the times, Greenhills Shopping Center of the coming years will leave you in awe while retaining its wellloved flavor.

Everything’s coming up bright and magical as V-Mall is transformed into a fantastic wonderland of holiday lights and ornaments in time for the most wonderful time of year.

“We’re bringing in the holiday mood at Ortigas Malls, and specifically at Greenhills ShOpping Center through the Christmas Village with its unique design elements that mix the familiar and the grand and combine the spectacular with the magica ,” shares Arch. Bacani.

To create the splendor of a real Christmas Village, the VMall lobby features houses with Chimneys tOPS, and Christmas trees adorned with lights, lush leaves, and holiday trinkets. The right and left elevations portray houses that brim and sparkle with that distinct Christmas glow. The houses at the Greenhills Christmas Village include Santa’s Workshop, Chocolate Factory, Ginger Bread House, Mrs. Claus’ Daycare, and North Pole Post Office.

Families and friends can take advantage of the time strolling around the Christmas Village. and while you’re making Christmas memories to last, you can capture those moments to fill your social media accounts with.

So, start preparing that Christmas must-visit list and make the Christmas Village top priority because this holiday destination will surely leave you breathless.

San Juan Mayor Guia Gomez

But then so much more is in store this Christmas at the Ortigas Malls.

The Greenhills Christmas Village runs from November 8 to January 7. Also catch Mrs. Claus’ Bazaar at the VMall Lobby daily, the Night Market from November 18-January 7, Meet & Greet Santa on all weekends of December, Fireworks on all Saturdays of December including December 24, and Simbang Gabi from December 16-24.

Ortigas East is bolstered by the following offerings: t

The Christmas Musical Streel Light Tunnel from November 10 to January 7, 

Christmas Display along C5, Tiendesitas 

Meet & Greet Santa on all weekends of December

Fireworks all Saturdays of December including December 24, and Simbang Gabi from December 16-24.

The holidays at Estancia in Capitol Commons begin with:

The Vast Imaginarium Mirror Rooms from November 9 to January 7, 

Christmas Mercato from November 16 to January 7, 

Pre-Holiday Sale on December 2 and 3, 

The Christmas Bazaar on December 2, 3, 9, 10, 16-25, 30, and 31, 

TLC Christmas Food Park on December 3, 

MIIS Kids Can! Bazaar on December 9, 

Fireworks on December 3, 10, 17, and 24, 

Meet & Greet Santa on all weekends of December, 

National Open Fencing Cup on December 10 

Simbang Gabi from December 16-24, 

Zumba at the Park on all Saturdays, 

Acoustic Saturdays on all Saturdays and Sundays

String Quartet on all Sundays,

Christmas is in every corner of Industria in Circulo Verde with these offerings:

The Christmas Trunk Bazaar on November 25, 

The Great Bike Sale on December 2-3, 

Terry Larrazabal Bike Festival on December 10, 

Pump Track Challenge on December 16, 

Simbang Gabi from December 15-23.

Christmas is definitely Lit at Ortigas Malls.

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