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Thursday, November 2, 2017

Start the Christmas Cheers with Starbucks 2018 Planners and Win Starbucks coffee for the entire year

Just how much of a starbucks coffee lover are you?  Say hello to sticker-collecting and longer nights starting Nov 2! because its that time of the year when you get more reasons to drink coffee and earn stickers for that cool new Starbucks  planners. For the past 15 years, I think everyone I know, is loading up on caffeine to be the first to get the  Starbucks planners, and has somehow become a christmas tradition as well.

This year, however, Starbucks gives you even more incentives even after you redeem your planner as it is raffling a one year supply of starbucks coffee to 20 lucky people! All you have to do is register and load up  the  free Starbucks Vinta card that comes with your planner!

It has free Starbucks Cafe Vinta Card inside which you can activate with at least Php300 and register the card to a My Starbucks Rewards account.

The  planners with leather sleeves look classy and "sosyal". It appeals to us adults. I love it. I guess they created the planners with yuppies, titas and titos in mind.

It also includes stencil ruler and a cleverly-designed calendar that can be folded in a shape of a cup.

As early as November 2, Starbucks fans can already start collecting stickers to get their hands on the much-awaited planners. They get to choose from the three handcrafted holiday beverages to savor the flavors of Christmas.

Starbucks limited edition cards are exclusively released with the Starbucks 2018 Planners. Customers simply need to activate the card with at least Php300 and register the card to a My Starbucks Rewards account during the promo period to earn a raffle entry. All raffle entries included from January 1-31, 2018 will automatically qualify for the Starbucks for a Month and Starbucks for a Year promo.



The Starbucks for a Year Promo will run from January 1 to 31, 2018.

The Promo is open to all Starbucks Philippines customers who own a Kape Vinta Starbucks Cards

Starbucks head of marketing Keith Cole and assistant manager for PR and Digital Communications Denise Barrameda share what’s in store for coffee lovers this season.  

Starbucks Philippines customers earn a raffle entry by:

Loading the Kape Vinta Starbucks Card with at least ₱300 at any Starbucks store in the Philippines; AND

Registering the Kape Vinta Starbucks Card to a My Starbucks Rewards® account within the promo period.

Raffle entries will be electronically generated by Starbucks Philippines.

There will be two (2) Draw Dates with a total of twenty (20) winners per draw that will be chosen through raffle. Prizes for each draw will be as follows and announcement of winners will be through Starbucks Philippines’ Facebook Page.

START THE CHRISTMAS CHEERS. Starbucks Philippines category manager Jamie Silva, head of marketing Keith Cole, and marketing manager Ira Rogado officially launch the Starbucks 2018 Planners.   

Catch the flavors, cheers, and excitement of Christmas this season at Starbucks. There are plenty more of ‘give good’ news heading your way, so make sure to stay updated by following Starbucks Philippines’ Facebook page or visiting

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