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Thursday, November 30, 2017

The King’s secrets: A Filipino tradition that is King Sue

Brands come and go but there are those that have been in the mindset of consumers for decades.  They continue to grow and remain relevant. Some have, in fact, become institutions in their own right.

Even before the onset of mass media, and later, social media networks and influencer marketing, one brand has always had the patronage of Filipinos -  King Sue hams and deli products.

And while it seems as though it was only yesterday when it first came out with its famous Chinese Bone-in Ham, the company is celebrating its 87th this year, proof that its is well-loved more than ever by four generations of customers.   A heritage brand, King Sue’s authenticity and reliability continue to draw market loyalty. But more than that, it’s that warm feeling of nostalgia and familiarity that has endeared it to Filipinos for over 80 years.

Like all success stories, King Sue’s is rooted on perseverance and persistence. Its modest origins began in the 1930s with the company’s patriarch Mr. Cu Un Kay, a native of Fookien, China who  came to Manila onboard a vessel with dreams of starting his own enterprise.  He set out to start his own small processed meat business with nothing but an aluminum cauldron and a primitive oven to cook with.  He named it King Sue, bearing  homage to the family’s origins - “King” which is the family’s surname and “Sue” from the Fookien term Su-weh which means small The rest was history.

Keeping the passion alive  and the brand relevant

Eighty-seven years on,  the family’s 3rd and 4th generations have kept the legacy of their patriarch very much alive with products made with the same passion for perfection.

They have managed to integrate King Sue seamlessly into the lives of Filipinos, creating, innovating, investing and engaging customers.
While a lot has been introduced and added to King Sue’s offerings, the company has remained consistent with the quality, freshness and taste of its meat products. Continuous innovation and product testing have also become an integral part of business operations.
To keep up with the exacting demands of its corporate clients, the company invests in hi-technology automated slicers, chopping and dicing machines, frozen block meat flakers, thermoforming machines, vacuum machines and modern refrigeration facilities  to ensure its products adhere to a high level of standard.

Institutional accounts
Today, King Sue has a very strong institutional presence like commissaries of chain restaurants and cafes, supermarket house brands, toll pack services offered, food cart negosyo supplier, call center and economic zone companies. This Yuletide, King Sue is one of the top choices of companies for their  Christmas giveaways.

The King Sue tradition lives on
King Sue is not only for special occasions. Its products are very versatile and can be enjoyed even on ordinary days.  Homemakers have their go-to products for the family’s everyday meals including King Sue tocino, longganisa, corned beef, bacon and sausages, which are staples in the breakfast table, and sliced hams, salami and frozen products like burger which are popular choices for merienda.

The company also offers an assortment of chorizos like Chorizo Bilbao, Chorizo Macao, and Chorizo Filipino, as well as gourmet sausages such as German Franks, Old English Pork Sausage, and Hungarian Sausage great for picnics and barbecue.

Indeed, with Filipinos penchant for King Sue meat products, the company is here to stay for many more years.

Call 881-0530 364-5430, 376-6441 and +639199889642 for inquiries and orders, and check out FB IG Twitter @kingsueham or email Hashtags: #kingsueham #kingsue #ilovekingsue #cookingathome #philippines.  Also check out

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