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Monday, December 4, 2017

Going to Japan? Daisofy your trip with these travel must-haves

The snowy peak of Mt. Fuji, the busy streets of Tokyo, and the breathtaking temples and shrines of Kyoto are just some of the amazing sights you’ll see in Japan. This is why it comes as no surprise that many Filipinos are itching to pack their bags and pay a visit to the Land of the Rising Sun.

For those planning on taking that much-awaited Japan trip, start your expedition right by packing travel essentials from Daiso Japan. The store is your instant Japanese fix with products ranging from cute bento containers to innovative gadget accessories. 

In the travel show Japan Japan 47 (Juan Big Travel), 3-minute #DaisofyYourLife segments feature quirky and interesting travel essentials from Daiso Japan that make for an easy way of travelling around the 47 prefectures of the beautiful country.

Travel must-haves include a cute bright green passport set that can help organize passports and other important documents to get any traveller through airline gates in a breeze.

There are patterned cosmetic bags or organizers and refillable containers that can also store toiletries like toothbrushes, soaps, shampoos and tissues for a hassle-free trip.

Another travel staple is the monopod that can help capture the most Instagram-worthy selfies while standing in the middle of the stunning Arashayima Bamboo Grove at Kyoto, the iconic Shibuya Crossing at Tokyo, or other scenic destinations.

After a long day of taking photos, walking around and wandering off to colorful new destinations like the Geisha district in Gion or Harujuku shopping district, it’s best to get some rest and unwind. Daiso Japan helps make hotel stays more comfy and relaxing with foldable slippers that come with their own plastic case for easy carrying.

Check out your nearest Daiso Japan branch and grab some of these cool finds. Follow the store on Facebook @DaisoJapanPH to see how you can Daiso-fy your trips.

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  1. Great article! Thanks for sharing I have used Travel Must-Haves and I must say, they are a great relief when outdoors.


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