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Friday, December 1, 2017

Making Christmas merrier for Filipino health buffs

RHEA Generics tips to stay fit and healthy during the holiday season

Christmas is fast approaching. Everyone is getting ready for the holiday feasts such as office Christmas parties, family gatherings and class reunions. With all these festivities come an abundance of food and booze, which can severely impact your diet. But to help you stay fit and healthy during the holidays without spoiling the fun, RHEA Generics, a world-class provider of generic medicines, prepared a few reminders just for you!

1.       Moderate your food consumption.

It’s not a Filipino Noche Buena unless there are at least five main dishes on the table and about 10 different kinds of sinful desserts. With this wide array of sumptuous food in front of you, it’s hard not to feel overwhelmed. And knowing the fact that your titas put in a lot of effort in preparing this meal, you somehow feel obligated to try everything. But don’t worry! There’s a middle ground between pleasing your tita and minding your diet. As often mentioned, take everything in moderation, especially holiday food that are laden with cholesterol and sugar. Remember that Christmas is more than just the food you eat, it’s about the company you keep, so focus on making memories instead of stuffing yourself full.

2.       Water is better.

Fizzy drinks, iced tea, gulaman, and other sugary drinks are staples in every holiday party. It is quite tempting to have a couple glasses of these sweet and refreshing drinks after having a heavy meal, but if you’re really committed to staying healthy during the holidays, stick to the good ole’ H20. With zero calories and zero sugar, water is a great way to keep hydrated this season.

3.       Find time to exercise.

For most people, their holiday calendars are jampacked of dinner invites from friends, coffee hangouts with workmates, and lots of family reunions. Now, this tip might be a little hard, but between those invites you might want to schedule at least an hour of exercise for you to flush out those holiday calories.  Get your body sweating during the holidays! Having a morning run or doing yoga at home would go a long way in helping you stay healthy and fit during the holiday season.

4.       Party hard, but rest harder.

Holiday parties often last until dawn, causing people to be deprived of precious sleep. It is crystal clear that sleep plays an integral role in your physical health. A study about the impacts of sleep deprivation on food desire in the human brain published in 2013 on Nature Communication shows that lack of sleep makes you crave for food or worse, it lures you towards food you know you shouldn’t eat. The study found out that just one night of sleep deprivation was enough to impair activity in the frontal lobe, which controls complex decision-making. With that said, fix your party schedule accordingly that you won’t be depriving yourself of some good quality sleep.

With adequate rest, sticking to your fitness routine, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, you can have the time of your life during these upcoming holidays without sacrificing your diet. Aside from that, you can always rely on RHEA Generics for a wide variety of world-class quality medicines that are available in Mercury Drug stores nationwide.

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