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Saturday, April 7, 2018

Choose the Perfect scent for your home with Glade Automatic Spray Air freshener set with Peony and Berry Bliss

Have you ever been trying to get rid of the “old house” smell of your room? If you favor the fruity scents and is want to fill the air with anything fruit scented spray.  Then I suggests you to try the Glade Automatic Spray set with Peony and Berry Bliss scent.

This automatically refresh the air in no time, just by switching to a 30-minute setting everyday or before you sleep at night.

I believe in the power of scent. It brings good vibes. It calms the nerves. It relaxes and can lower your stress level to 0.  I do.  I have Glade sprays, luxury candles and aromatherapy oils in the house. It always sets the mood.

You can even layer the home fragrance with any scented Glade spray variants. The Peony and Berry Bliss scent is better  to alternate with Lavander &Vanilla spray. It smells like newly baked strawberry shortcake. Try it! Yummy!

You can choose from these scents  Hawaiian Breeze, Morning Freshness, White Lilac, Clean Linen and Lavander &Vanilla, Ocean Escape. 

Enjoy the alluring mix of fresh peony and pink roses mixed with irresistible cherry week after week automatically with Glade Automatic Spray Refills that last up to 60 days.

If you want to avail of the Glade spray bundle. Just visit the Glorietta Activity Center from April 6-8, 2018.  Buy the Glade Automatic Spray Air Freshener with refill for only P570. It comes with FREE Umbrella. 

Press button at top, while pulling sides of holder apart. When unit is open, always make sure the timer is set to OFF position and keep spray nozzle pointed away from face.

Open unit. Pull out red tab to activate batteries. Remove the cap from the can and insert the can with the nozzle facing out. Turn the unit on by selecting your desired time setting in minutes, and close the unit. A spray will occur at the selected time interval. For an instant burst of Glade fragrance anytime, press the boost button on the back of the unit.

Open unit and remove the can to access the batteries. Remove old batteries and replace with two new alkaline batteries. Replace can, set timer, and close unit.

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