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Saturday, April 21, 2018

Pru Life UK introduces breakthrough DNA-based health and wellness product

Filipinos can now take advantage of life and wealth protection as well as health management in one product with the introduction of the myDNA Pro Bundle by Pru Life UK. The first of its kind in the Philippines’ life insurance industry, myDNA Pro Bundle combines Pru Life UK’s insuravest, or investment-linked life insurance solutions, with the myDNA Pro program, which provides tailored diet and fitness recommendations on reducing health risks based on an individual’s DNA.

Allan Tumbaga, Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer of Pru Life UK said, “Pru Life UK is committed to listening to and understanding the needs of individuals and families across the Philippines. Through myDNA Pro, Pru Life UK provides Filipinos with a unique and innovative product to help them establish healthier lifestyles. Combined with our lineup of high quality protection and investment solutions, we believe myDNA Pro Bundle offers customers a holistic package covering life and wealth protection as well as health management.”

Developed by Hong Kong-based genetics testing company Prenetics Limited, the program generates a comprehensive DNA report  that helps identify and reduce the “three highs” of health risks—type 2 diabetes , high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. These health risks, according the Department of Health , are among the leading causes of mortality in the Philippines. 

The myDNA Pro also provides customers with access to a nutrigenomics report which explains the way a person responds to food and nutrients based on his genetic make-up. Both the DNA and nutrigenomics reports, which are generated with just the provision of saliva swab sample for DNA testing, are thoroughly explained by a dietician.

Apart from the reports, customers will also benefit from a free 12-month exclusive access to the myDNA Pro mobile application. Through the mobile app, customers will be taken on a health and wellness journey via its many features, including a 16-week lifestyle intervention program, support from an on-call health coach, a photo food diary, customized exercise videos, as well as an assessment on their daily diets. 

“While many of us may be pre-disposed to these health risks because of our genetic make-up, they can be minimized, or even mitigated, by leading a healthy lifestyle. The myDNA Pro mobile app helps customers get started toward a healthier lifestyle — by eating healthier, burning calories by increasing activity, overcoming challenges by getting support and beating triggers, and finally sustaining what has been have started by building good health habits,” said Tumbaga.

Life and wealth protection with Pru Life UK’s insuravest
To enjoy the life and wealth protection component of myDNA Pro Bundle, customers can choose among the three of Pru Life UK’s insuravest products, which the company pioneered in the country in 2012.

Breadwinners who want a comprehensive insurance plan may choose PRUlink assurance account plus myDNA Pro Bundle at an affordable minimum total annual premium of PhP 70,000 or USD 1,400. 

For the budget conscious, PRUlink exact protector myDNA Pro Bundle will allow them to have insurance coverage and accumulate wealth while paying a minimum total annual premium of PhP 70,000 or USD 1,4004 for a limited time of 5, 7, 10 or 15 years only.

Meanwhile, savvier investors can take advantage of PRUlink elite protector myDNA Pro Bundle at a minimum total annual premium of PhP 75,000 or USD 1,7004 for a limited time of 5,7, 10 and 15 years. The plan combines offers a higher insurance coverage with an elevated commitment of investment amount so as to deliver better returns.

 These bundles include additional benefits against the debilitating financial impact of accidents, hospitalization, and critical illnesses. These are:
Accidental Death and Disablement Benefit, which gives the beneficiary a lump sum cash benefit when the insured passes away or become disabled or dismembered due to an accident;
Accelerated Total and Permanent Disability Benefit, which advances a portion of the basic coverage when the insured becomes totally and permanently disabled due to an injury or disease;
Waiver of Premium due to Total and Permanent Disability, which waives subsequent premiums when the insured becomes totally and permanently disabled due to an injury or disease;
Daily Hospital Income Benefit, which gives the insured a daily cash benefit for each day of hospital confinement due to an accident or illness up to 365 days; and
Life Care Plus, which provides cash benefit when the insured is diagnosed to be suffering from any of the 36 critical illnesses.

We are very excited to introduce myDNA Pro Bundle, a breakthrough product that will set a standard in the life insurance industry in helping Filipinos shape a better financial and wellness future for themselves. We believe myDNA Pro Bundle is yet another example of Pru Life UK’s long-standing commitment to providing innovative, high-quality products and solutions that meet the evolving needs of our customers.” Tumbaga concluded.

In 1996, the Insurance Commission granted the British subsidiary the license to operate and sell life insurance products in the country. Since then, Pru Life UK has expanded its reach to over 130 branches in the Philippines, with the biggest life agency force of almost 20,000 licensed agents and has emerged as one of the top five life insurers. Pru Life UK’s headquarters is located in Uptown Bonifacio, Taguig City.

To find out more about Pru Life UK’s myDNA Pro Bundle, visit


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