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Monday, April 2, 2018

SuperStar Virgo Cruise High Seas Cruise Day 1

Before last month, I have never been to a cruise. I honestly never even thought I’d be able to experience one until I got an invitation from Star Cruises for an open seas “sailcation” aboard the Super Star Virgo.

Now, the closest thing I’ve experienced to a cruise was when I got invited to a Boracay trip onboard 2GO’s MV St. Ignatius De Loyola a couple of years ago.

But as I would later find out, the only similarities between the two were the fact that they were both big ships who sailed the open seas. I am, however, really grateful for that 2Go experience because not only did I prove that I don’t suffer from sea sickness, it also helped me overcome any fears of traveling by sea.

When I first read the email invite, I immediately searched for “SuperStar Virgo” and my jaw fell after seeing how big it was! I couldn’t contain my excitement of finally being able to sail aboard one of the world’s biggest luxury ships, and really experience what my friends and relatives who have joined other cruises, can’t seem to stop talking about.

After reading a bit more about Super Star Virgo, I found out that it had a theater (with showed movies and live entertainment shows) a big pool, a casino, several restaurants and of course a lot of instagrammable spots which I of course wanted to explore.

But the real question I wanted to answer during our 3 day 3 night high seas tour, (which means we never docked) was, “Should you include ‘take a cruise’ into your bucket list?

Day 1

Our meeting place was Hotel H20 at 3pm. We came from an event that day and had to rush because of the Saturday traffic. I think you can go directly to the pier where SS Virgo is located but they also have a free shuttle in case you want to catch a ride or are parked at Hotel H20. All of us gathered at the lobby while our 30 person group was completed and we boarded a bus to the Pier where the Super Star Virgo Cruise was docked.

Since we were just going to be at the ship, I decided to packed light and put everything inside my trusty High Sierra backpack which I have been using since 2009! It took me to many countries since then so I guess swerte siya sa ken.

So what should you bring on a cruise? While it still depends on where you are going (be sure to  check the weather forecast!) what I realized is you should wear light clothes when you are on board the ship but have a light jacket ready—always…

It can be very hot outside if you are going to the deck but as soon as you enter the ship’s resto’s casinos and all the other indoor amenities it can really get cold as the AC is always on high I think.

If you are planning on doing a photoshoot bring lots of clothes there are a lot of places for your OOTDs! Take note that you still have a baggage limit, and you are only allowed one check-in baggage.

If you can, I suggest you just hand carry everything instead of waiting for them to bring your luggage to your cabin—at least you don’t have to worry about it being lost or being delivered to a different room.

Bring lots of sunblock if you plan on swimming or even if you just plan on lounging on deck. There is also a basketball court, a golf range and few other stuff to do outside your cabin. The toiletries are quite good—just like what you’d find in 5 star hotels so if you forget your toiletries don’t worry.

While we were not going to any country, your passport is still a must when going on a cruise.

We were advised to leave  our passports at the immigration. We got it just before disembarcation.

If you are joining the Taiwan and Japan cruise , don’t worry because its VISA FREE for the March-May Super Star Virgo Cruise promo.

There is a bit of a line but immigration will only take a couple of minutes just be sure to fill up your immigration forms.

If you do decide to carry your luggage take note that there is a bit of a walk up the stairs leading to the entrance of Star Virgo. There you will check in and you will be handed your access card / key card to your room. Do not lose the access card as you will need it every time you enter a restaurant for a meal, or buy something from the shops / all your purchases will be charged to the card which you need to pay and clear before disembarkation.

We all got state rooms with windows giving us the best sunset view overlooking the Manila Bay. If you are not claustrophobic they also have middle rooms which are cheaper but do not have windows) Our room even had a balcony where you can sit and relax and enjoy the sea breeze.

But if you have kids, I highly suggest you keep the door closed and just tell them to stay inside the room for everyone's safety.

After freshening up, we took our early dinner at The Taverna. Its chow time! The buffet, (all our meals were buffet by the way!) There were grilled lamb chops, wellington beef, noodles, seafood, cheese rolls, chicken and desserts! 

They also served ice cold teas and beers, but be sure to check which are free and which have additional charges.

Take note that the currency on board is HK dollars.

The Taverna' s view is the Parthenon pool with slides

Dinner with desserts and drinks were served by The Taverna 

Grilled lambchops
Mussels and oranges

Wok Fried Korean Seafood Noodles

Before sailing there is a Safety Drill for every passengers  to comply.  The staff demonstrated on how to wear the lifevest properly in case of emergency situation.

Then we get back to our room after dinner to prepare for the Magic show Spirits at the Zodiac Theatre. 

We hurriedly dressed up to watch the Spirits at the Zodiac Theatre. It was superbly staged and performed by Europe’s top illusionist Vincent Vignaud. Right after the show the Illusionist  Vincent Vignaud gladly obliged for a selfie with the audience.

            A selfie with Illusionist Vincent Vignaud capped off the night

We headed back to our room right after the show and slept the night away. Knowing that an adventure awaits us for the next day.

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