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Saturday, April 21, 2018

GET TO KNOW THE 2018 YAZZ SQUAD: John Spainhour, Marx Topacio, Marcus Mababangloob, & Cynthia Thomalla

Our desires and lifestyles evolve along with the changing of the times, and since everything we could possibly want and need is now at the tip of our fingertips, so should our ways and means of acquiring them. This 2018, YAZZ Prepaid Visa is introducing the new Yazz Squad, who represent today’s young and accomplished YAZZ Card users with all-new passions and ever-changing needs: models John Spainhour and Marx Topacio, musician Marcus Mababangloob, and Miss Eco-Philippines Cynthia Thomalla. 

The four new YAZZ card talents join the ever-growing number of savvy users who enjoy the benefits of the YAZZ Prepaid Visa.

“We chose John, Marx, Marcus, and Cynthia to be the new members of the Yazz Squad because their lifestyle choices represents the services that YAZZ offers,” said MCC President Pradeep Pant. “YAZZ Card users can expect more innovations and updates to their YAZZ Prepaid Visa this year, like loading via YAZZ website which will be available by May,” Pant added.

“I love how YAZZ Card is accessible for everyone. Besides helping me travel around the Philippines easier and faster to spread my advocacy (for responsible tourism), I believe introducing YAZZ Card to locals is also a big help for them,” Cynthia Tomalla shares, as it helps them save, manage their budget, and get access to the benefits of a card without the trouble of too many bank requirements. “When it comes to shopping, I pride myself in being a balanced spender. I only spend things on the things I need, but when I know I have worked hard enough, then I’ll purchase on an item that I want.” She adds, “I find it convenient to shop online, especially now when you can return things if they don’t fit!”

John Spainhour, on the other hand, has found a reliable partner in YAZZ. “The best feature I love about YAZZ is that it gives you a cheaper and 24/7 alternative in sending money. The fee is only Php20.00 regardless of the amount.” John adds, “I can also keep track of my budget and monitor my expenses thru the YAZZ mobile app. This is important to me because I want to be responsible in my finances.” 

YAZZ is a great tool to help you manage your budget and effectively put away savings and YAZZ Squad model Marcus Mababangloob concurs with this. “As a student, opening a bank account is difficult because of the requirements being asked by the bank. Also, I have to catch their banking hours which is during weekdays from 9am to 4pm. The problem is, I have class during those times so going there is a challenge.” He shares the solution he has found using YAZZ, “I just load my extra cash from my allowance to my YAZZ and I consider this as my instant savings account. The moment I need my money, I just withdraw it in any BancNet ATM.” Marcus adds, ““One saving tip I learned growing up is to save 50 pesos a day—and those go into my YAZZ Card now!”

Marx Topacio loves to splurge his extra income on traveling. Marx shares, “I always score the best deals because whenever I see one, I’m always prepared to book it using my YAZZ Card.” He adds, “I’m embarrassed to share that I used to call up my friends and ask them if I could ride on their credit cards. But now, I feel empowered, I can book it on my own without the hassle of bothering them.” Marx also reveals that he even uses YAZZ for his online subscriptions like Spotify and Netflix.

From saving money to sending money, from paying for small and big purchases to booking flights and hotels online, the YAZZ Card allows you to do all these and more conveniently, with less risk and hassle. Join your hip new YAZZ SQUAD—John, Marx, Marcus, and Cynthia—in saying yes to YAZZ!

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