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Sunday, July 15, 2018

Is your drinking water acidic?

I remember myself at my worst when I was at my heaviest.

I was in my early 30’s weighing 145lbs, and since I’m just 5’2 that was almost 40lbs over my ideal weight.

I felt miserable—every single day.

I lost my confidence and I would cringe every time I looked at the mirror.

I was fat and my body was making me suffer for all that extra weight.

I had difficulty of breathing. My knees made some strange popping sounds when I climbed stairs at the hospital where I used to work. My pimples were erupting and were all over my face, and I was also suffering from insomnia.

I knew I had to see a doctor and his simple advice was for me to lose weight and had a proper exercise.

So I did.

I enrolled myself in a gym near our house and I religiously attended everyday after work even though all I wanted to do was sleep.  Eventually, I achieved my desired weight and I started to feel better.

I remember only drinking lots of water and avoided soda, juices and iced tea. Discipline is key and you had to control yourself.

Im sharing this story because, no matter what diet fad you follow it will always boil down to keeping yourself active—doing those daily exercises and choosing the right food.

When I was trying to lose all that pounds I was very choosy about what I put into my body. But now that I’m a lot older, I’m gaining fats faster than I could lose it and no matter how I try to eat less, I’m seeing more belly around my waist. It may just be 10 lbs but when its harder to lose weight when you are at a certain age. Now I have difficulty cutting on brewed teas with pearls. Because that is my only comfort drink,  that's why  I  was constantly looking for a way to get back on cleansing my system.

A few days ago, I attended an event about alkaline and how it could have a positive effect on your health. I just learned that for one to live healthy, your drinking water should be PH7 or above. But PH7.4 alkaline water is the normal rate for any individual to take.

According to study, Alkaline water is believed to slow down aging, boost energy, regulate pH levels, and prevent diseases. This is less acidic than tap water and helps you maintain an alkaline diet. It is treated to give a pH number higher than seven. Tap water is generally pH neutral, whilst some bottled mineral waters may be slightly alkaline or slightly acidic. Alkaline water, however, is deliberately intended to be sufficiently alkaline as to have a positive effect on the body. If you don’t suffer from kidney problems, you might want to give alkaline water a try.

SOBBA, short for Sterilized Oxygenated Bicarbonate – Buffered Alkaline is an invention of Engr Harry Freires.

Chemical Engr Harry Freires who first developed it when he was working in the middle east. According to his presentation, adding a few drops of SOBBA to your drink (coffee, water, juice, even beer!) is an excellent acid neutralizer and will boost your alkaline levels that will help restore blood pH level to 7.4 returning your body to its homeostatic state.

He said most of the food and drink we take are acidic in nature while some are strongly alkaline. Your body has naturally build-in ‘buffering system” to resist and maintain your blood pH to normal. However, as one grows older, the body’s buffering capacity decreases. SOBBA helps to resist and maintain blood pH level to normal and assists your body’s requirement to attain a homeostatic state.

 SOBBA is an ozonized water treated with high-energy oxygen to contain elevated oxygen levels for the prevention of serious diseases. The buffering action of SOBBA also aids in oxygen absorption (dissolved oxygen directly proportional to alkalinity) providing a one-two knockout punch geared towards OPTIMUM HEALTH and BETTER LIFE

Each of us received 30ML of Sobba bottle last Sunday. I took 4 drops of Sobba per every glasses of water.  I have been taking it for 6 days already. It is tasteless and doesnt alter the taste of your favorite drinks.

I observed that it  helped cure my cough, as everyone around me has been already down with the flu. So I decided to add Sobba drops to my drinks and thought, I believe it helped me avoid from getting cough and colds. I think it helped with my hoarse voice and it kind of helped stop my craving for sweets and carbs the past week. I haven’t checked my current weigh as I’m still trying out SObba if it could also help lose weight and if it does, it may just be the supplement I need to make me live a bit more healthier.

₱ 489.00 each
30 ml bottle

                                                  ₱ 950.00 each 60 ml bottle

SOBBA is an ozonized water treated with high-energy oxygen to contain elevated oxygen levels for the prevention of serious diseases. The buffering action of SOBBA also aids in oxygen absorption (dissolved oxygen directly proportional to alkalinity) providing a one-two knockout punch geared towards OPTIMUM HEALTH and BETTER LIFE

Sterilized Oxygenated Bicarbonate-Buffered Alkaline Drops

•Maintains body's healthy blood perfect pH balance & effectively prevents ACIDOSIS and ALKALOSIS
•Maintains body's self-healing capability
•Increase body's Oxygen absorption
•Maintains body's immune system

Engineer Harry Freires has garnered major awards and recognitions. Among these are:

Professional Awardee – 2003; given at the Cultural Center of the Philippines together with Mayor Lito Atienza, Manny Paquiao, Tia Dely and others;

Best in Process Technology and  Engrineering – 2005, where he bested 76 entries of Inventors and Technology-based Entrepreneurships in a nationwide contest;

Finalist, DOST sponsored National Inventors’ Contest – 2006;

Official DOST entry for “Kwarizmi International Award -2007, sponsored by Iranian Research Organization for Service and Technology;

International Star-Gold Awardee, Paris, France;
Most Outstanding Water Treatment  Engineering Company – 2006.
Some of Engineer Harry Freires positions he held

Best Class President – Rotary Club of Manila Sta. Ana  Rotary Year 2014 to 2015

President, Philippine Society of Inventors and Innovators

Treasurer, Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry Manila

Engineer Harry Freires at present holds THREE INTERNATIONAL PATENTS listed as follows:

The WORLD’S FIRST bicarbonate buffered alkaline drinking water (SOBBA drops).

Reverse Osmosis membranes by the way of his re-designed Dupont plant lasted almost 10 years.

“CO2-turbulence technology” for big Reverse Osmosis plants to prevent membrane fouling and attain great economy or savings in membrane cleaning & replacements.

SOBBA is registered under the Food and Drug Administration Philippines with Registration Track No. 20140911153855. SOBBA is manufactured and distributed by Schy Tech Enterprises.

For orders and inquiries, chat or call: Gelyn Soleman 09479353625 or 09663618439.

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