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Thursday, July 5, 2018

Metrobank bagged three major awards in the recently concluded Asian Banker Transaction Awards Programme 2018

Metrobank bagged three major awards in the recently concluded Asian Banker Transaction Awards Programme 2018 held at the China World Hotel in Beijing.

The Bank is recognized as: First, Best Transaction Bank in the Philippines for successfully providing cash management and trade solutions, and for its commitment to provide a world class electronic transaction banking platform in the Philippine market.

Secondly, Metrobank is awarded the Best Foreign Exchange Bank in the Philippines for its outstanding foreign exchange performance in 2017, for capturing a strong demand in the market.

Lastly, the Bank received Best Trade Finance Bank in Philippines Award for the development of personalized solutions that would benefit clients’ financing and cash flow capital requirements.

In photo : L-R: Siddharth Chandani, Research Analyst, The Asian Banker; Metrobank First Vice President and Institutional Transaction Banking Head Christian Paul Philippe D. Orlino,; Bill Chua, International Resource Director, The Asian Banker; Metrobank Senior Vice President and Markets Sales Group Head Angelica S. Reyes; Mathew Welch, International Resource Director, The Asian Banker.

The Asian Banker Transaction Awards Programme, referred by prominent global bankers, consultants and academics, is the most prestigious of its kind in Asia Pacific. The Asian banker conducts extensive surveys, interviews and assessment of financial institutions globally. Recipients of these awards are honored for their efforts in bringing superior products and services to their customers


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