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Monday, May 6, 2019

Vaya: A Smart & Versatile Must-Have for Any Mother

 Every year people all around the world, young and old alike, celebrate a truly unique and remarkable woman: their mothers. Among all the holidays observed every year, there is no denying that Mother’s Day is the most special of them all. On the second Sunday of May, we invite you to celebrate your mother in the best way possible!

A Quick Look at Mother’s Day
Motherhood has been celebrated for countless centuries, among various civilizations all over the world. As a modern holiday, the regular observance of Mother’s Day began in 1908 by Anna Jarvis. Jarvis sought to create an annual holiday to celebrate motherhood in the wake of her mother’s passing. Within two years, every state in the United States recognized Mother’s Day as a National Holiday. By the end of the 20th century, it was a well-established annual tradition in countries across the world.

Vaya reimagines everyday products to ensure mothers and their families can enjoy fresh meals-on-the-go. Every Vaya product is developed by a team of seasoned professionals who are driven by a revolutionary zeal to improve people’s lives, while ceasing the global need for disposable and non-biodegradable products.

Vaya has three standard offerings, conducive for family members of all ages:

        Vaya Tyffyn – The Vaya Tyffyn is the brand’s signature product. Constructed with innovation, this sleek and leak-resistant lunchbox allows you to pack multi-course meals that can stay fresh for 6-hours. The Tyffyn comes in three sizes for every member of the family: 600ml (two containers), 1,000ml (three containers), 1,300ml (four containers).

      Vaya Drynk – Cool down with a cold, refreshing sip of water or simply enjoy a cup of tea through a sustainable and colorful bottle. The Vaya Drynk keeps your drink cold for 18-hours and hot for 12-hours. It is available in two sizes (350ml and 600ml) and comes with two different lids for your drinking pleasure!

      Vaya Preserve – Perfect for picnics, one-pot meals, or simple ingredient storage, the Vaya Preserve keeps your food fresh for a long time! Available in two different sizes: 300ml and 500ml.

Experience Mother’s Day with Vaya
This Mother’s Day, experience life-changing freshness with Vaya! Whether it’s showing your mother you care with a stylish bottle, a welcome addition to her kitchen with the Vaya Preserve, or the Tyffyn lunchbox, Vaya creates products that can be enjoyed by your whole family. Spend this Mother’s Day with a special treat from Vaya!

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