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Wednesday, September 30, 2020

George T. Yang shares the love with frontliners on the anniversary of McDonald’s in the Philippines: ‘Sarap ‘pag nandito ka, salamat nandito ka’

In September 1981, McDonald’s opened its first store in the Philippines in Morayta, Manila. Almost 40 years later, the Golden Arches has become part of the lives of Filipinos, with thousands of directly hired employees serving customers McDonald’s world-famous menu items, as well as local favorites in over 600 restaurants nationwide. 


Recognizing the malasakit of the company’s employees to serve customers and the community amid the pandemic, McDonald’s Philippines Chairman and Founder, Dr. George T. Yang expressed his gratitude through a short music video (


Known for his singing prowess, particularly for classical music, Dr. Yang sang a few lines dedicated to their own employees, and all healthcare workers, as a montage of photos appeared of McDonald’s frontliners working tirelessly to serve Filipinos during these challenging times. 


Seen in the video as well would be the McDo Kindness Kitchen, an initiative of the Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC), which has been able to distribute close to 300,000 meals to different frontliners and communities in need.


Happy birthday McDonald’s and Dr. George Yang!


  1. Wow antagal na almost 40 years of service ang McDonald's. Happy birthday McDonald's and Dr. George Yang! Salamat sa pag share ng blessings mo sa ating mga frontliners 😍.

  2. Ndi p ko buhay niyan galing my mcdo n pla nun . HAPPY BDAY MCDO

  3. Hindi PA po ako pinapanganak nun 1981, ang tagal na po pala neto.😊 Happy birthday McDonalds and congrats Dr. George T. Yang for the success of your business. Thank you for sharing your blessings and love to our Frontliners.😊

  4. Hindi pa ako buhay nun ms. Lou grabi ang tagal na pala ng mcdo dun nakakatuwa kasi tumanda na lahat lahat pero sya hindi parang bagong tayo padin

  5. Hindi pa po ako buhay neto. Pero ang galing ang tagal na po pala🤩


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