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Thursday, September 17, 2020

TikTok Superstar Zendee and the #TalaChallenge Parody That Started It All

First discovered as a random girl singing videoke in the mall in 2012, Zendee has recorded albums, sung in concerts, and even performed on the Ellen Degeneres Show. But true stardom for Zendee started on TikTok. It was on this platform where she was able to shine as a unique creator, and where she has been loved and accepted by her audience as her authentic self.

Zendee first went viral on TikTok because of her parody of the popular #TalaChallenge. She posted her version, Gala, at the height of the enhanced community quarantine in the Philippines. The post gained thousands of likes and comments, and even local celebrities shared their own takes on the #galachallenge.

Since then, Zendee’s following has grown at an amazing rate - 4.9M in only 6 months. This opened up the opportunity for her to start her musical journey on the app, lip syncing at first, and eventually sharing her own content as a singer. She believes that TikTok is a great place for all musicians and songwriters to showcase their talents and reach the right audience. She also shares that the app’s awesome filters and clear audio are helpful tools that she is able to use as a singer.  

Not afraid to express herself, Zendee uses music to voice her opinions. She also shares practical life advice on her feed, reaching out to her audience with her saucy but bubbly personality. The TikTok community, for her, is like a family that supports anything that you want to do, just like her music. And, because she has felt the love from the community, she makes sure to show her appreciation, and make her followers feel that she loves them right back.

To anyone who wants to start on their own journey as a content creator on TikTok, Zendee imparts five tips that have worked for her - Be yourself, share what you know, inspire others, stay positive, and most of all, have fun. 

You, too, can share your video creations as part of the #itstartsonTikTok hashtag challenge, or even take it a step further by creating a hashtag of your own. Download TikTok today on your iOS and Android devices to get started.


  1. Ang galing Naman Po talagang ni Zendee Ms.Lou

  2. Sobrang galing po neto mommy ni Zendee lahat po ng videos nya sa Tiktok talagang umaani ng madaming views po tlaga, na kahit ng a local celebrities shared her videos po. Nakakaaliw po at at napaka galing na singer..😊 Nice tips din po Yun mga binigay nya malaking tulong po tlaga Yun Lalo na po Kung bago ka Lang po sa tiktok. Be yourself, share what you know, inspire others, stay positive, and most of all, have fun.😊😍

  3. Super galing po ni zendee million of views sya sa tikok kaya sya ngviral at magaling pa n singer

  4. Ang cute niya kasi at ang galing ni zandee sa tiktok

  5. Galing galing ni zandee at iba talaga sya sa larangan ng tiktok


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