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Friday, September 18, 2020

Save time and energy with Beko washers

As we navigate our new normal and live around the presence of a pandemic that’s still around us, we try to live healthier and more meaningful lives.


We take care of our families and our homes and we're now doing things that we used to delegate to others, such as cooking, baking, cleaning and washing clothes. We buy more fruits and vegetables and try to cook it in healthier ways. Now that we're staying home more, we keep it clean always so that our families are always safe and healthy.


Even the brands we choose to enter our homes need to share our new mindset. As more people stay indoors because of the social distancing trend, they look for brands that will help them in their journey to health and wellness. They have become more discerning in choosing brands that perform well and even go beyond expectation. In choosing a washing machine, for instance, they look for washing and drying capabilities and additional features that would properly sanitize their clothes but keep them looking new.


Beko Pilipinas, the Philippine subsidiary of Europe’s No. 1 home appliances brand and a market leader in the white goods space, helps empower new generations to live healthier lives. The brand also provides solutions for a healthier lifestyle with fast, flexible and easy to use technologies with great service and aftercare.


Beko’s Frontload washing machines, for instance, have programs and features for your everyday and special needs, such as washing your clothes during this time of pandemic.

With AquaWave technology, laundry pieces are massaged in a gentle wave-like manner through a set of paddles in the drum. This ensures that the properties of antibacterial laundry detergents and other cleaning agents are evenly absorbed by the fabric, while the washer saves energy. Beko washing machines clean clothes thoroughly and provide fabrics the gentle treatment it needs to make them look fresh and new after every wash.


The Anti-allergy program washes clothes at high temperatures for longer and includes an additional rinse cycle to remove all bacteria and allergens like dust, pollen and animal hair.


Beko washing machines are so easy to use with a large LCD display. To start, put your pre-sorted clothes inside the drum, add your detergent and softener and push the "on” button.  You can then spin-turn the dial clockwise to the program you'd like to use for your laundry requirements. There are up to 16 washing programs to choose from, including Hygiene+, Anti-allergy and Intensive. Then hit "start" and the machine will take care of the rest.


Washing with a Beko Frontload washer is a breeze. It takes care of the laundry for you while you have more time to do your other chores or have some extra minutes for that workout.




  1. Wow perfect na perfect po eto Ms.Lou sa panahon ngayon. It saves more time po tlaga, and we can spend more time with other house holdchores and with our family. It's gentle and makes our clothes fresh and always new look. It also easy to use and operates. Perfect po tlaga eto sa panahon ngayon Lalo na po sa mga busy moms, full time mom and work from home moms. 😊

  2. How nice naman Ms.Lou,sobrang worth it nito,makes you save time and energy,and madami ka pang magagawang household chores.

  3. New appliances brand mukang maganda ang gawang beko laking tulong sa paglalaba niyan .

  4. Makaka save po talaga ng time at energy ang beko washing machine mbilis lng sya gamitin at less hassle ang paglalaba


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