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Friday, September 18, 2020

The X50 Series’ “Night Artist” Campaign Attracts Global KOLs to Explore the Flagship Night-Photography Capabilities

 vivo successfully kicked off the global “Night Artist” campaign last month via social media in search for talented nighttime photography artists from around the world—attracting a wide range of users and KOLs, including award-winning global photographer Chris Hau and outdoor explorer and photographer Samuel Elkins. With the revolutionary nighttime photography capabilities of vivo’s flagship X50 series, the campaign called on users to capture the tranquility and dynamism of the night sky all while demonstrating vivo’s leading technological breakthroughs in mobile photography.


Globally renowned for their photography skills, Elkins and Hau led the campaign by showcasing the innovative camera technology of the X50 Pro through stunning night portraits they shot with the smartphone.


Elkins, a professional photographer adept in smartphone camera technology, headed to southern California to explore the Pro Sports and Astro Mode of the X50 series which helped him produce mesmerizing photos of the Milky way and the California night sky.

A photo of the starry night, shot by Samuel Elkins (@samuelelkins) using the X50 Pro



Meanwhile, award-winning photographer and travel and technology influencer Chris Hau, maximized vivo’s built-in photography features through a street photography shoot in Toronto.


A photo of vivo’s X50 Pro, shot on X50 series by Chris Hau (@thechrishau)


With Elkins and Hau leading the charge, the campaign has gained support from around the world, with a number of KOLs from Southeast Asia, Russia, and Ukraine, sharing their astonishing photos on social media.

A photo of Marina Bay, shot on X50 Pro by Benny Tang (@bennytgh)

A photo of Hochiminh City Municipal Theatre, shot on X50 Pro by travel blogger Ly Thanh Co (@lythanhco)

A city view photo, shot on X50 Pro by Russian photographer, Elena Kirillova (@kirillovelena)


In the Philippines, the campaign also drew plenty of attention after being introduced through the vivo “Starry Night” mobile astrophotography workshop facilitated by astrophotography enthusiast and Astropinas founder MJ Magallon last August 28. 

A clear photo of the Milky Way, shot on X50 Pro by Filipino Photographer, MJ Magallon (@mjpmagallon)


Besides equipping viewers with tips and tricks to master mobile astrophotography with the vivo X50 Pro, vivo and Magallon also invited viewers to participate in an mobile astrophotography contest to get a chance to win the brand new vivo X50 Pro.

This contest, along with the Night Artist campaign, was also supported by celebrated actor Khalil Ramos and renowned photographer Xander Angeles who also showcased the night photography capabilities of the vivo X50 Pro through photos posted on their Instagram pages.

Khalil Ramos dazzled his Instagram followers with this self-portrait he took using the vivo X50 Pro and its advanced ultra-night mode

Xander Angeles remarked “The sky isn’t the limit” on his Instagram Page after posting this photo which proves just how powerful the vivo X50 pro is when used to capture city skylines.

Out of a sea of entries, Renan Cruz emerged as the winner of the contest thanks to his beautiful portrait of a crescent moon.

“Crescent Moon” By Renan Cruz


vivo is a pioneer in mobile photography technology—continuously delivering hardware and software innovations that enhance user experience and address common user problems. With the vivo X50’s Starry Sky mode powered by the smartphone’s state-of-the-art gimbal stabilization, Extreme Night Mode, and 60x zoom, the leading global technology company has made another significant breakthrough that empowers users to capture professional-grade photos and videos in low-light scenarios. 


Become a night artist yourself and get the vivo X50 Pro through vivo’s concept stores and kiosks or through ShoppeeLazada, and vivo’s official online store. You can also purchase the vivo X50 Pro in easy and hassle free installments through Home Credit

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