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Saturday, October 24, 2020

3 Ways Lark encourages job autonomy, empowering employees to be more productive

Working from home has shown many employees the importance of job autonomy. Workplace autonomy simply means that team members are granted a level of freedom to accomplish tasks in the best way that they can. 

Those that are granted autonomy at work typically thrive because they feel valued by their superiors and colleagues, have a sense of fulfillment in the completion of their tasks, and are empowered to make decisions that drive results. These employees become more productive as they learn to perform independently, and develop a sense of ownership and accountability for the work that they do. 

In the current scenario, where working remotely has become the norm, business owners and leaders are presented with a great opportunity to develop job autonomy within their workforce. Letting go of the impulse to micromanage, and instead allowing team members to take the lead on their respective tasks is one way to do this. Another is by equipping employees with an online collaboration tool, such as Lark, which enables teams to efficiently work together despite the physical distance.  

As the perfect work from home companion, Lark encourages job autonomy, which in turn improves productivity. Lark does this in three ways - By providing remote workers with an optimal online work environment on a single platform, offering a new way to create, save and share content for better team collaboration, and making communication between remote teams easy and hassle-free.


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Single Platform Synergy


Those who work remotely are free to create their ideal work environment that maximizes both location freedom and time flexibility. With Lark, this optimal environment extends beyond the physical, and into the virtual workspace. Because Lark combines multiple collaboration tools such as Chat, Calendar, Creation and Cloud Storage in a single interconnected platform, everything is always in sync, within reach, and easily accessible any time.


Real-Time Collaboration


Creating, editing and sharing content is made easier with Lark. With real-time collaboration, full history tracking, powerful rich media, and easy permission control on Docs and Sheets, everyone gets the opportunity to contribute their ideas. Saved in the Drive, files are always easy to find and access. 


Lark’s smart Calendar helps workers stay on schedule, and enables them to independently manage their time at work. Because it is seamlessly integrated with Messenger and video calls, booking meetings and engaging the whole team can be done quickly and easily.


Dynamic Communication

Successful job autonomy requires effective communication between team members to keep everyone up to speed on each others’ progress. Streamlined communication results in a streamlined workflow that allows employees to focus on delivering quality output.  


Lark provides an excellent communication experience, through video calls equipped with powerful in-call screen sharing capabilities for real-time remote collaboration. Integrated with Messenger and Calendar, anyone has the freedom to launch a high-quality video conference from anywhere, at any time. Plus, Lark Email, which also integrates seamlessly with the rest of Lark, gives users a smart and secure email experience right within the app.


Empower your team to achieve workplace autonomy and productivity with these awesome tools and features that are always free on Lark. To learn more, visit Lark is available for Mac, PC, iOS, and Android. Click here to start using Lark today.


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  1. Yay. I will check this out on their Website. Very useful talaga ang Lark😍


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