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Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Jewel Cee is highly effective in boosting immune system

During the first months of the lockdown, you may have noticed the vitamin C aisle in the groceries looking bare after claims on social media that it could help protect you from COVID-19.


While there’s still no proof if that is indeed true, vitamin C has long been known to help boost our immune system which in turn protects and helps us fight cold and flu.


I’ve been taking vitamin C supplements as far as I could remember, as studies have shown that regular intake of Vitamin C has lots of health benefits. It helps form and maintain bones, and blood vessels and can protect you against immune system deficiencies, cardiovascular disease, and other health problems. For those who are having problems with cardiovascular health, studies have shown that Vitamin C’s antioxidant properties can help widen blood vessels and improve nitrict oxide production.


Remember how our parents would tell us to take Vitamin C when you have colds or feel a flu coming? That’s because it can strengthen our immunity system so that it could fight off the cold virus. People who regularly take their Vitamin C supplements are said to experience colds with milder symptoms.


But beyond all that, I regularly take Vitamin C for its skin and beauty benefits.


When it comes to skincare , Vitamin c is said to be the gold standard of beauty ingredients. It can help fade away dark spots, boost collagen production and also can help make you glow or brighten your complexion. I’m a believer of Vitamin C in skincare. 


Along with boasting some major health benefits, medical experts say that vitamin C is also good for your skin. Vitamin C not only helps repair free radical damage, but it brightens the skin and helps fade dark spots. Vitamin C also “stimulates collagen production, improving the skin’s texture and quality.


Using vitamin C regularly can help prevent the effects of sun damage and pollution from showing up on your skin, too. The antioxidant helps defend against hyperpigmentation by inhibiting an enzyme called tyrosinase, which is responsible for converting tyrosine into melanin in the skin.


And unlike other buzzworthy skin care ingredients, the best thing about vitamin C is that it doesn’t come with a long list of precautions. Vitamin C is generally safe, gentle and effective when used in skin care.


Vitamin C also has benefits for your hair as the ingredient is a necessary component to create the protein known as collagen, which then promotes good hair health. Vitamin C also helps your body absorb non-heme iron, a necessary mineral for hair growth.


In these difficult times, we all need the vitamins that we can get to help us strengthen our immunity two vitamins that we need to take are Vitamin C, and Zinc.


The good thing is, you can find buy your Vitamin C with Zinc at an affordable price with this brand Jewel-Cee 562.43mg Capsule and Jewel-Zee Plus 500 mg Capsule. These are available at Mercury Drug Store for only P4/caps for Jewel-Cee and P5/caps for Jewel-Zee Plus. 


Jewel Cee and Jewel Zee are manufactured by COMPACT PHARMACEUTICALS, CORP (CPC), a 45 years old manufacturing company in the Philippines and  is distributed by ZEUS RESOURCES, INC (ZRI). 

You can follow Jewel Cee at their FB Page

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